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  • Sexual Abuse at St. George's School and the School's Reponse: 1970 to 2015

    In January 2016, I was asked to conduct an investigation concerning sexual abuse at St. George’s School, and the school’s response to reports of abuse, from 1960 to the present. At the time, St. George’s faced a firestorm of public criticism about the way it had handled complaints about sexual abuse at the school, and about the findings of an earlier investigation, commissioned in 2015 by the...

  • Acquisition Agreement Issues by Byron F. Egan

    I. INTRODUCTION - Buying or selling a closely held business, including the purchase of a division or a subsidiary, can be structured as (i) a statutory combination such as a statutory merger or share exchange, (ii) a negotiated purchase of outstanding stock from existing shareholders or (iii) a purchase of assets from the business. The transaction typically revolves around an agreement between...