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  • Intellectual Property - 2011 Summer Bulletin

    In this issue: Knockoffs: Nemesis of the Gaming World; Reigning in the Inequitable Conduct Defense: Federal Circuit’s Therasense Decision Tightens Standards for Establishing Materiality and Intent; Is the Copyright-Troll Business Model Undone? Righthaven Suffers Three Strikes in a Week; Supreme Court Clarifies Patent Infringement Inducement Standards; District Court Holds Online Publication Means

  • Pomobabble: postmodern newspeak and constitutional 'meaning' for the uninitiated.

    ...Stephen Reinhardt, The First Amendment: The Supreme Court and the Left -- With Friends ... Aspiring to a Highest-Ranked View of the Eleventh Amendment, 1 GEO. MASON INDEP. L. REV. 1, 4 & ... ("I never thought there would be so many cartoons with Prozac themes in The New Yorker, ...

  • Annual Report on EEOC Developments – Fiscal Year 2012

    Over the years, Littler has provided periodic reports on significant cases, regulatory developments and other activities involving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC or “the Commission”). While such guidance is intended to update employers on significant EEOC developments as they arise, we believe that employers can also benefit from an annual update and overview of key EEOC...