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  • If any apology should result from Rep. Paul Gilbert's questions about whether Christopher Pierce's membership in the Maine Army National Guard from 1971 to 1977 qualifies him to fill one of the two positions reserved for veterans on the Finance Authority of Maine board, Gilbert, D-Jay, should make it personally to Pierce. Gilbert's comments during a Sept. 4 legislative committee hearing on Pierce's nomination sparked an uproar, with demands for apologies from Republican legislators and Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster. The controversy even spilled into the U.S. Senate race with Republican candidate Charlie Summers demanding that Democrat Cynthia Dill denounce Gilbert's statements.

  • The Move to Expand Protected Person Status Similar to the current environments in Iraq, Sudan, and other contemporary conflicts,22 the dissolution of the nation-state of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s quickly led to a brutal inter-ethnic and religious conflict.23 As Yugoslavia disintegrated, ethnic Serbians, in a calculated plan to create a Greater Serbia, committed multiple inhumane acts including rape, kidnapping, and murder against the non-Serbian population.24 Despite a common nationality between many of the aggressors25 and the targeted victims, the ethnic and religious affiliation of the Serbian population trumped their national identity as prior citizens of Yugoslavia or as current nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina.26 In addition, numerous parties in the conflict were from neigh...

  • Conservatives had something to celebrate this past week in the way of a couple of notable victories in battles in our ongoing cultural war. Two high courts, one in New York and one in Georgia, ruled supporting an understanding of marriage in state law as that which takes place between a man and a woman. But, although a couple of important battles have been won, there should be no doubt that a long and protracted war will continue. And it's worth paying attention to the very special weapons of this war - - words and how they are used.

  • President Bush's "war on terror"brings cause for deep concern- particularly because he has made up his own definitions of what constitutes war activity. "War"as defined in the New World and the Oxford English dictionaries is an-"open armed conflict between countries or between factions within the same country. Bush's entry into Iraq as well as claiming the right to wiretap at his own discretion in the name of waging "war on terror"do not fall within this definition.

  • Why are there so many African-Americans in prison? It is my belief that such racial disparity is not mainly due to overt discriminatory practices by the courts or the police. But that hardly exhausts the moral discussion. To begin with, let's remember the fact that the very definition of crime is socially constructed: as graphically illustrated by the so-called "war on drugs," much of what is criminal today was not criminal in the past and may not be tomorrow. We should also remember that "punishment" and "inequality" are intimately linked, that causality runs in both directions. Disparities in punishment reflect socioeconomic inequalities, but they also help produce and reinforce them. Defenders of the current regime put the onus on lawbreakers: "If they didn't do the crimes, they woul...

  • House Republicans propose a dangerously expansive new definition of war. Osama bin Laden had been dead only a few days when House Republicans began their efforts to expand, rather than contract, the war on terror. Not content with the president's wide-ranging powers to pursue the archcriminals of Sept. 11, 2001, Republicans want to authorize the military to pursue virtually anyone suspected of terrorism, anywhere on earth, from now to the end of time. This wildly expansive authorization would, in essence, make the war on terror a permanent and limitless aspect of life on earth, along with its huge potential for abuse.

  • Share A battle rages over the definition of war ? war in cyberspace, that is.

  • Defining the War The next President will have to face the fact that the enemy's definition of the war is as different from President Bush's as the pope's cry for an end to violence is different from radical Islam's ideology that requires the violence to impose its version of Islam on the world.

  • It is perhaps intuitive for Army officers to consider Krulak's three block war as being comprised of at least two distinct, separate parts: combat operations, executed by combat units to defeat armed insurgents; and stability operations, performed by civil affairs units and civilian agencies like the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to support, stabilize, and reconstruct fragmented societies.3 Such thinking flows naturally from the Army's past experience, doctrine, and organizational structure. Field Manual (FM) 3-24, Counterinsurgency, identifies several "key aspects" necessary for the rule of law to function: the state's government "derives its powers from the governed," the state's security institutions are sustainable, citizens e...

    ... serve as the basis for an operational definition commanders can use, we find there is enough ...

  • Last month we talked about antique glass and how present day values have changed. This month we are going to talk about antique furniture. Especially when we talk about furniture, my definition of "antique" is pre-World War II. Why is that? Before 1940, in my opinion, the quality of workmanship still retained painstaking quality, whether or not the piece was handmade, machine-made or produced in quantity. After 1950, furniture, architecture and materials changed enormously and, in my opinion, to our detriment! Quality furniture doesn't need to be over 100 years old. For example, in the 1920s and '30s, some of the best furniture in the country was made in the Ann Arbor, Mich., region and it retains its quality today. And a major era of workmanship and creativity came from the early 1900s...

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