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  • Can even a corporate titan like Exxon Mobil tackle the world's developing-nation energy needs while addressing vital environmental concerns? Senior Vice President and Treasurer Donald Humphreys said the oil and gas giant can play an effective role in solving that Catch-22 scenario through a balanced strategy centered on corporate citizenship.

  • CHARLOTTE, Sept. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is a transcript of a speech, as prepared for delivery, by Andrew Tobias, Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, September 4, 2012: (Logo:

  • Sacramento lawmakers are unhappy with their jobs. Recent complaints by members of the Legislature include: People don't appreciate them; solving problems is hard work; they don't have the power they think they deserve; their retirement is mandated by term limits; there is no lucrative pension; and their pay is being cut - although they will remain the highest paid lawmakers in all 50 states at nearly $100,000 annually along with a car and another $30,000 a year in tax free expense money. If lawmakers don't like their jobs, their dissatisfaction is not nearly as strong as that of the general public. The October Field Poll showed the Legislature's approval at a record low 13%. With representatives held in such low regard, it is hardly a stretch to say that most Californians feel freer and...

    ... by two many rules," he said in a speech. And even Treasurer Bill Lockyer, a former state ...

  • ... plaintiffs' argument that the type of speech and associational burdens that §323 imposes are ... committee of the candidate, and the treasurer of such committee; and . . "(G) in the case of ...

  • FARMINGTON -- Franklin County residents elected Republican Mary Frank of Farmington over Democrat Pam Prodan of Wilton to serve as Franklin County treasurer on Tuesday. The vote was 7,672 to 5,428. Frank, a speech language pathologist, won in 20 towns, including her hometown, while Prodan, an attorney, took the towns of Jay and Wilton.

  • Flowline Alaska Inc. Pres. Rick Schok has succeeded C.B. Houghton Jr. as president of the National Assn. of Pipe Coating Applicators (NAPCA). The elections were held at the group convention in Orlando, FL. The other new officers of the NAPCA include Wayne Norris as vice president and George D. Stoddard as secretary-treasurer. Other convention highlights included a keynote speech delivered by Panhandle Eastern Ccorp. Pres. Paul M. Anderson and the posthumous awarding of the NAPCA Hall of Fame award to Robert C. Stevens.

  • It was interesting to note last week that State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin has hit the "rubber chicken circuit" with his "the sky is falling" speech spreading gloom and doom concerning the pension system. I was struck with the disconnect between the governor's proposed budget and the dire picture the state treasurer painted of the state pension fund. Gov. LePage is proposing to lower the state'scontribution to the fund by 2 percent to 3.5 percent while raising the amount contributed by state workers and teachers by 2 percent to 9.65 percent; this will result in a zero net gain for the fund.

  • To paraphrase the eminently quotable late Ann Richards, a former shoot-from-the-lip Democratic governor of Texas, "Poor John. He cain't help it - he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. Granted, in that famous keynote-speech zinger that fired up the 1988 Democratic national convention, Richards, then Texas state treasurer, referred to "poor George" - Republican George W. Bush, who would later succeed her as governor - not to Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, who ran unsuccessfully against President Bush in 2004 and aspires to become the Democratic nominee again in 2008.

  • I am writing in support of Mary Frank for Franklin County treasurer. I have known her from her work as a speech pathologist and her involvement with the community. I believe that in the role of county treasurer. She graduated from Vanderbilt University and the University of New Hampshire. Her employment history includes work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Tennessee SWCD and the U.S. Department of Justice. She was co-owner of Cedar Ridge Farm and worked as the administrative lead. Locally, she worked as a speech pathologist.

  • BOSTON - Sen. Jon S. Corzine was trying to get comfortable in a FleetCenter seat five rows up from the Democratic National Convention floor Monday afternoon when he noticed a familiar face at the podium. There's one of my stars; that's Nancy Farmer," he said, pointing to the state treasurer of Missouri, who was doing a walk-through for a speech she will give today to promote her uphill fight to unseat Republican Sen. Kit Bond in a key battleground state.

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