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  • When does original academic scholarship about the law and capital markets influence financial regulation? We suggest that capital market regulators often are driven by scholarly findings in the fields of finance and law to launch important new regulatory initiatives. However, we argue that private political motivations rather than the public interest drive policymakers' decisions about when to heed-and when to ignore-relevant social science evidence. We support our thesis with six examples of situations in which scholarship was, or arguably should have been, the catalyst that launched a major regulatory initiative. In three of these examples policymakers decided to regulate, and in three other contexts policymakers chose to ignore completely equally powerful social scientific evidence.

  • Hall frames his study as a direct response to Gerald Rosenberg's thesis that the Court (and courts generally) " 'can almost never be effective producers of significant social reform' " (xiii; 160, quoting Rosenberg 2008: 422). [...]Hall argues, Rosenberg's view is emblematic of the decided weight of scholarly authority on the nature of the Court's power. [...]Hall's "key point" is that even if it is true that the Court holds neither the sword nor the purse, it does often hold the keys to the jails, and this can make all the difference (164). To really support it, we would have to find examples of vigorous MBE programs in operation, and Sweet does not show us any. [...]Sweet's case studies provide further reasons to doubt that his interpretation of his data holds up.

  • In a Bill O'Reilly commentary, he understandably criticizes Ann Coulter, but then turns her horrendous comments about Sept. 11 widows into yet another opportunity to bash liberals and Democrats. Instead of holding Coulter accountable, he gives her a free pass. Apparently, poor, innocent Coulter is just fighting back against these evil liberals. And, yet again, O'Reilly fails to back up his thesis with any facts or examples. O'Reilly does make personal attacks, daily. It's his signature move. Here is a small sample of O'Reilly "not" making personal attacks:

  • ...Examples from 13 student theses demonstrate how to write ...

  • ...His thesis is even broader. Whatever would be a violation of ... of "natural law due process." For examples in which he and Justice Douglas split over the ...

  • ... §157(b)(2) provides courts with ready examples of such matters. Pierce'sreading of §157, in ... was that, "even if one accepts this thesis," Congress could not constitutionally assign ...

  • [...] there is no practical alternative to the "common law constitution." In the late 19th century and well into the 20th, progressives decried (with good cause) the "activist" Court ofthat day for striking down social and labor legislation, while conservatives at that time proudly defended the justices for making bold decisions that warded off radicalism and reaffirmed the old economic values. [...] his book is also a brief.

    ... race and sex discrimination are perfect examples. This is the central thesis of Strauss' book- and ...

  • In the United States, the care of pets seems to be one of the few industries remaining recession-proof. About $40 billion a year is spent on pets' welfare alone. Pet care is booming in emerging markets as well - an $11 billion business, according to the Economist. Chile has more dogs per person than any other Latin American country. Any owner can tell you the myriad ways that dogs and cats enrich our lives. But less commonly known than the pet-human connection is the way different species bond with one another. Cases of friendship between cross-species have been reported in the wild as well as in captivity. Friendship? Here we are entering controversial ground. "Anthropomorphic anecdotes have no place in science," biologists assert. But behaviorists, such as Jane Goodall, would argue th...

    ...Holland gives 47 astounding examples of unexpected animal pairings reported around the ...Each time the author supports her thesis with solid examples of science and behavior. It ...

  • ... knife-carrying Latino and to numerous examples of migrant workers forced by employers to live in ... glaring examples in order to serve his thesis and not as a genuine study.5. However, despite ...

  • ... the course materials, provides specific examples, and analyzes these examples (see guidelines for ...You should have a central argument/thesis statement. You should provide specific examples ...

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