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  • State Rep. Stephen Easley of Eldorado, a freshman legislator who represented a House district that included southeastern Santa Fe County, is dead. He was 60. Details of his death on Wednesday were not immediately known. A Facebook page posting said Easley died of "complications related to an infection.

  • I'm not really there to be in a career in the Legislature," he said. "I don't have time. I'm 60 years old already, so, I mean, how many more years do I have to be in the Legislature? I can't make a 30-year career out of this. So I'm going to do anything I need to do, and do it now and do it quickly. And I will. And I intend to be fairly noisy and outspoken if I must. "It was beneficial for us that [Stephen Easley] happened to live in [Brian Sanderoffsays Eldorado]," Drew Prestridge, Easley's former campaign manager, tells SFR. "It's the most densely populated part of the district and where our Democratic base was." "I have been a Democrat and that's how I've represented the district," King says. "But I do also believe that once you're elected, you're not the Democrat, Republican, Inde...

  • Most of Santa Fe's delegation to the state Legislature did well on the annual Conservation Scorecard compiled by the environmental group Conservation Voters New Mexico. Five Santa Fe lawmakers, all Democrats, received scores of 100 percent this year from the organization. They are Reps. Luciano "Lucky" Varela, Brian Egolf and the late Stephen Easley, and Sens. Nancy Rodriguez and Peter Wirth. The scores are based on how lawmakers voted on legislation deemed important by Conservation Voters.

  • A maker of "transformative documentaries," a lawyer who publishes a monthly newspaper, an owner of a picture frame shop, a lawyer who has served on local government boards and commissions and a retired teacher from Valencia County are among the applicants so far for appointment to the seat in the state House of Representatives that was held by the late Stephen Easley of Eldorado. House District 50 includes parts of Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Torrance and Valencia counties. The county commissions in each county will make nominations for the appointment by Gov. Susana Martinez. Democrats control the commissions in Santa Fe and Bernalillo counties, while Republicans control the Torrance and Valencia County commissions. Martinez is a Republican.

  • ...Appellate practitioner Dorothy Easley of Miami wrote that staffing shortages are taking ...Florida citizens cannot," Easley said. . Stephen Cobb of Crestview put it more bluntly: "The ...

  • ...) Elizabeth Rice 1974 26 Peter Limone 26 Stephen Easley 2006 (25) William Easley 27 Scott Dennis ...

  • ...* Stephen E. Easley, CCM, CCE, director of corrections, ...

  • Signed by the governor House Bill 216: The Fair Pay for Women Act, sponsored by Rep. Brian Egolf, D-Santa Fe, will prohibit wage discrimination based on gender and make it easier for women to seek injunctive relief and damages in such cases. The bill also will prohibit employers from retaliating against a person making a claim under the act.

    ...HB 493: Sponsored by Rep. Stephen Easley, D-Santa Fe, the bill creates a public ...

  • ... Hickey 1959 (NR) Scott Chiaradonna 9 Stephen W. Thompson 1974 (8) Stephen W. Thompson 10 ...Rice 1974 (20) Peter Limone 25 Stephen L. Easley 2007 (NR) William F. Easley 26 Tomas L. Cantor ...

  • SHELBY COUNTY Arnold, Thomas W.

    ... Timmons Beasley, died November 16, 2013 in Easley, SC. Mr. Beasley was born in Memphis, a son of ... Presbyterian, an Elder and member of the Stephen MInistry Team at Easley PC (USA). He served on ...

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