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  • FARMINGTON -- Once or twice a week, Alberta Tracy and Claire Meuse find a quiet place to sit at the Sandy River Center in Farmington and read a young adult edition of Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz. Meuse, 86, a 25-year tutor with Literacy Volunteers, has been working with Tracy for three years. In between chatting, they get through about two to four pages a session. They are more than halfway through the book.

  • A week or so ago, I had the privilege of participating in a conversation on NPR about college attendance. Sparked by a conversation in the Chronicle of Higher Education, a group of "experts" were opining that too many people are going to college. Too many? Conservative and racially biased Charles Murray (author of "The Bell Curve") thinks that too few high school students have the cognition to successfully navigate college attendance. Marty Nemko says it is a cost-benefit thing. Sandy Baum says that everyone should have opportunity and access. Nobody mentions race, but I think it is the elephant in the room. Too many White folks are opining that too many people go to college, but their kids are in college. So do they really mean that too many Black folks go to college? Are their objecti...

  • The Monday after the Newtown, Conn., school tragedy saw a few changes at Churchland Elementary School. The day started with a mock lockdown drill, an effort to ensure students know what to expect and where to report in the event of an emergency. Third-grade teacher Laurie Allan made ribbons for everyone to wear using the green and white colors of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Fourth-grade teacher Amy Baum, who is from Connecticut, spearheaded a project where paper hearts were made and decorated with handwritten messages. The hearts will be mailed to Newtown, where they will be hung in local churches and businesses as a reminder of the love and support that grew out of an act of violence. A moment of silence was held later at the school's PTA meeting. Audience members stood and joined th...

  • CHESAPEAKE - Earl Randolph Davenport Sr., 78, formerly of Chesapeake, residing in Blackstone, Va., died Dec. 27, 2008, in Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, Va. Earl was predeceased by his father, Rama R. Davenport; mother, Ruth V. Hannaberry; wife, Joann Davenport; one sister; and two brothers. He is survived by his wife, Trudy Davenport; 13 children, Tommy Davenport, Cyndi Drew (Al), Debby Cousins (Bobby), Randy Davenport (Linda), Arthur Davenport, Mary Wilson (Jim), Stephanie Taylor (Johnnie Ray), Frances Taylor, Christina Taylor (Keith), Carla Weimer, Carl Baum (Sandy), Danny Baum, and Tracie Clark; one brother, Larry Davenport; 22 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; as well as numerous nieces and nephews; and many other loved ones.

  • ... Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Sandy Baum, a national expert on reforming student ...

  • Everyone from President Obama to the graduates at May commencements can tell you how the cost of a college education is rising. Why is not always as clear.

    ... of steep cuts in state funding, said Sandy Baum, an economist and senior policy analyst for ...


  • If you are a parent or student who thinks the cost of a college education is spiraling out of control, you'll be happy to know President Obama agrees with you. And he wants to hold higher ed more accountable.

    ... authored the study for the College Board, Sandy Baum, offered a mixed critique of the Obama ...

  • As President Obama prepared to announce new measures today to help ease the burden of student loan debt, new figures painted a demoralizing picture of college costs for students and parents: Average in-state tuition and fees at four-year public colleges rose an additional $631 this fall, or 8.3 percent, compared with a year ago. Nationally, the cost of a full credit load has passed $8,000, an all-time high. Throw in room and board, and the average list price for a state school now runs more than $17,000 per year, according to the twin annual reports on college costs and student aid published today by the College Board.

    ... government subsidizes students," said Sandy Baum, the economist who directs the College ...

  • Tuition continues to rise, but while large increases in federal grant aid and tax benefits cushioned the impact of rising tuition prices from 2008-09 to 2010-11, total grant aid for students did not increase in 2011-12. MIAMI, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- While the 4.8% ($399) 2012-13 increase in published in-state tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities across the nation was lower than that of recent years, the rapid growth in federal aid -- which for a few years actually reduced the average net prices students paid -- has ended.

    ... rising price of a college education," said Sandy Baum, independent policy analyst for the College ...

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