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  • S. African a Model in Persistence

    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- When Richard Maponya did well as a clothes salesman, his white boss could not promote him under the rules of apartheid. So the boss offered instead to sell Maponya damaged clothes for cheap. Maponya resold the clothes after work and on weekends, and earned enough to go into business himself.

  • Mandela Opens Shopping Mall in Soweto

    ... in Soweto," Sowetan Cecile Daubanes said at Maponya Mall's opening, struggling to push a shopping trolley loaded with groceries. Johannesburg Mayor Amos Masondo said a 2004 study showed that Sowetans spent $611 million on retail goods, but only 25 percent of this was spent in the township due to a lack of retail outlets. Since then, there has been an "explosion" of new shops in Soweto, including the Maponya Mall, he said. "So

  • The world's greatest entrepreuneurs: their powerful strategies for creating success.

    Eleven entrepreneurial companies overseas show the increasing opportunities for business owners worldwide since the collapse of communism and the proliferation of advanced technology. The profiled were chosen because they built their businesses up from scratch and tenaciously pursued success. Among them is Masayoshi Son who created the software distribution company Softbank Corp and now has an...

    ...I kept going." . Ask South Africans about Richard Maponya, and they'll say, "Oh, the tycoon." It is a title rarely linked with blacks, even in the ...