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  • ... actions of Israel in the expulsion and murder he helped unmask. Morris's reaction indicates ...Jarvie, ed., Social Philosophy of Ernest Gellner, (Amesterdam: Rodopi B.V. 1996); Ernest Gellner, ... Aspects," in Werner Bonefeld, Richard Gunn and Kosmas Psychpedis, Open Marxism, VII, ...

  • Judgment affirmed in Case Nos. A89A1900 and A89A1901. Sognier and Pope, JJ., concur., Judgment reversed in Case No. A89A1899.

    ...and Mrs. Richard Gellner, Jr., individually and as guardians of ... but mentally ill to an indictment for murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Held:. 1. ...

  • Criminal prosecution has become a way to influence collective memory in cases of state-sponsored mass murders, but such efforts call for a degree of dramatization that conflicts with the traditional functions of criminal law. Some issues include abrogation of defendants' rights in the interests of social solidarity, possible distortions of historical understanding, and dangers of such cases as precedent or analogy. The responsibility and guilt may be too widespread. In addition, there may be problems in attempting to deliberately construct collective memory, and dishonesty may be required. Examples from Germany, France, Japan, Israel and Argentina are discussed.

    ..., for instance, Federal President Richard von Weizsacker explicitly affirmed, in a ... coherent moral vision); see also Ernest Gellner, Conditions of Liberty: Civil Society and Its ...

  • ...include: mass murder, torture, rape and other forms of sexual assault; ...) (This was the operation that Ambassador Richard Holbrook described as merely "a milder form of .... (433.) As Ernest Gellner noted, they took their ruler's two titles, Kaiser ...

  • Writ of prohibition to prevent judge * * * from conducting further proceedings in suit seeking a determination, pursuant to R.C. 2305. 02, that Dr. Samuel Sheppard was innocent of the crime of which he had been convicted * * * - Writ denied, when.

    ... Sheppard, a physician, was convicted of murder in the second degree of his wife, Marilyn ...Schwartz, Richard L. Stoper, Jr., and Jennifer E. Schwartz, for ...State ex rel. . Gellner (1916), 94 Ohio St. 331, 114 N.E. 255, paragraph ...

  • The year 1984 marked a turning point for the struggles of Hindus and Sikhs in India. The destruction of the central Sikh shrine called the Golden Temple by the Indian Army fueled the struggle between the Sikhs and the Congress Party. The destruction of the Babar mosque by the Hindus fueled the struggle between the Hindus and Muslims. These conflicts have developed in response to the respective groups' search for identity within the Indian nation-state. Involvement with neighboring Pakistan has escalated the conflicts to international proportions.

    ... after his arrest in connection with the murder of Lala Jagat Narain in 1981. Interestingly, the ...887-906. . (10) See, for example, Ernest Gellner, Nations and Nationalism (Oxford: Basil .... (14) For further explanation, see Richard Fox, Lions of the Punjab (Berkeley: University of ...

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