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  • Reinventing Myself Marlys Marshall Styne Infinity 1094 New Dehaven Street, Suite 100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713 07414320...

  • Richard Rosenthal's death "not only shook our lives, it touched off an earthquake," said his widow, Loren Rosenthal. Yet now, at 57, she has found a new happiness. She lives with a new "significant other" and has lost 125 pounds -- "almost like reinventing myself, on a small scale," she says.

  • A butcher, baker and a candlestick maker are about the only occupations that Paul Oliver of Yucaipa hasn't tried. But don't bet against Oliver someday trying his hand at those professions as well. The 74-year-old has been "reinventing myself for most of my life,'' he said.

  • On his new moniker the Lockness Monsta: "It's me reinventing myself from what people saw me as on Making the Band. It's hard to market a street rapper, so I'm using what people use against me to promote myself. I'm just from the streets-grimy, not a pretty boy with all the muscles. I'm the Lockness Monsta. You never see him, but he's a beast-and he spits fire. Background: Elliott Ness (aka E.Ness, Ness) made a big name starring in Diddy's reality TV show Making the Band 2. The group Da Band dismantled after the album's release and tour, but Ness and two other members were selected to stay on Bad Boy.

  • They say it's not what you know but whom you know. When Roberta Oaks Power started designing clothes, she lacked a background in fashion design and knew nobody in the industry. She didn't care. Power doesn't obsess over Pantone's color of the year or the latest runway trends. Power simply creates. It's an expression of what I'm feeling at the moment," she said. "I think I'm always reinventing myself.

  • ...You fight. I'm constantly reinventing myself so that I can stay relevant. When you get ...

  • I consider myself part of a generation of conservatives that must pick up the challenge once carried by conservative giants. The Reagans, Goldwaters, Buckleys and Kristols have passed their mantles fully to us now. Historians will look at this time as a coming-of- age story, and we have already lingered too long in a petulant adolescence that betrayed our fundamental precepts by indulging in reckless debt. We are no longer staff or admirers but keepers and fosterers of a sacred trust upon which depends the revitalization of our cause. The fortunes of the Republican Party will usefully tend to themselves so long as conservatives tend to the fires of liberty. Our founding value and central aim must be to preserve freedom, and the front lines will be a fight over federal spending. We must ...

  • By Candace Sipos Daily News-Record

    ..."I look at these fires as ways of reinventing myself," Cline says. "I've constantly had to ...

  • Well before blockbuster movies, there were blockbuster novels: big, juicy, page-turning epics, with dozens of characters, exotic settings and multiple plots playing out over several years, often against the backdrop of some extended historical conflict. Tolstoy largely invented the form in 1869 with "War and Peace," and by the middle of the 20th century, its latter-day stalwarts - including James Jones, Herman Wouk and the tireless fiction factory known as James Michener - bestrode the bestseller lists like the titans they were. In recent years, however, the form has fallen somewhat out of favor with writers, if not with readers. Who wants to spend so much time, day in and day out, with the same set of protagonists? Who wants to do all that research? Who has the nerve, not to mention th...

    ... later, when I started writing fiction myself, my touchstone was the James Bond stories, in ... destroy his career.' But I ended up reinventing myself with 'The Pillars of the Earth,' and it ...

  • FYI Knitwear designer Nicky Epstein will be in Charleston in March for two programs. At 6:30 p.m. March 17, she will visit the St. Albans Library for a Meet the Author event. On March 18, she will present two workshops at the Kanawha City Yarn Company, one in the morning entitled Designing with Nicky Epstein, and one in the afternoon entitled Block by Block, which also is the title of her newest book. The library event is free, but registration is requested by calling 304-722-4244. The workshops are $60 each or $100 for both; register by calling Kanawha City Yarn Company at 304- 926-8589. To the world of knitters, Nicky Epstein's name is about as well known as that of Madonna or Mick Jagger.

    ..."I just had to keep reinventing myself," she said. She designed flowers and other ...

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