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  • Talani v. Manorcare, (Ohio 2013)

    CIVIL - nursing-home negligence; motion for protective order; discovery; employee information; criminal background check reports; ex parte; waiver; judgment indicates records were considered; related provisions considered in pari materia; no statutory privilege for criminal records checks; no production of private medical information; no objection to removal; moot.

  • FL: lab erred in reporting tissue sample neg.: protective order regarding 'discovery' for lab.
  • Nash v. Cleveland Clinic Found., (Ohio 2013)

    Civ.R. 56/summary judgment; Civ.R. 56(F)/motion to continue proceedings; protective order; discovery; abuse of discretion. Civ.R. 56(C) mandates a thorough examination of all appropriate materials filed; this case is remanded to the trial court to conduct a conscientious examination of the record to determine whether summary judgment is appropriate. The trial court did not abuse its discretion...

  • Oklahoma City-Based Wiggin Properties Seeks Discovery Limits in Arco Building Lawsuit

    Wiggin Properties has sought a protective order limiting discovery in its lawsuit with a Kanbar Properties Management affiliate. Oklahoma City-based Wiggin Properties asked Tulsa County District Court Judge Dana Kuehn to excuse the plaintiff from producing documents and information related to Philtower redeveloper James Hawkins Jr. and revealing Wiggin Properties' net worth.

  • New E-Discovery Guidelines Implemented in Northern District of Calif.

    The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has announced new guidelines regarding the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI). In addition to the new guidelines, which took effect in November, the court issued a checklist to guide parties in addressing e- discovery issues, a model e-discovery order, and model protective orders.

  • Union: Show Evidence Against Border Agent

    The union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents is challenging an effort by Texas prosecutors to block the release of information used to build a successful case against a Border Patrol agent convicted of wielding excessive force, saying the American public has a right to see the evidence. Shawn P. Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), said the U.S. Attorney's...

  • Med. Mut. of Ohio v. Schlotterer, (Ohio 2008)

    Appeal and Error, Final order, Discovery of privileged material, Venue; Contracts, breach; Discretion, abuse of; Motions, discovery, protective order, venue.

  • Hope Academy Broadway Campus v. White Hat Mgt., L.L.C., (Ohio 2013)

    Trial court did not abuse its discretion by ordering production of certain materials in discovery despite defendants' objections because defendants failed to demonstrate that they were entitled to a protective order and failed to establish that the materials sought in discovery contained confidential and proprietary information. The other portions of the trial court's order to which defendants'...

  • Blackburn v. Coon Restoration & Sealants, Inc., (Ohio 2007)

    Civil motion to compel discovery - protective order; abuse of discretion

  • Novak v. Studebaker, (Ohio 2009)

    motion to compel – motion for protective order – motion to stay – discovery – attorney work product – no contest.

  • Commentary: Predictive Coding Used Successfully in Global Aerospace

    Predictive coding as an appropriate method for reducing the number of electronically stored documents that attorneys must review in eDiscovery has cleared another judicial hurdle. In the closely watched Global Aerospace case in Virginia, the defendants recently produced their discovery, which they had culled using OrcaTec's predictive coding system. With no objections from the plaintiffs, the...

  • 'A Never-Ending Paper Chase': Litigation Over Birth Control May Produce 70 Million Pages of Discovery

    If you printed the 40 million pages, they would weigh about 200 tons. Laid end-to-end, they'd cover more than 7,000 miles, attorneys for pharmaceutical giant Bayer point out. Stacked, they'd tower two- and-a-half miles high. Any way you look at it, Bayer has handed over a lot of documents to plaintiffs as the parties prepare for multiple Yaz and Yasmin birth control trials -- and they expect to...

  • Iowa Supreme Lawyer Suspended for Sending Threatening E-Mails

    A lawyer violated professional rules of conduct by sending threatening e-mails to several individuals after the multimillion dollar settlement of his wife's lawsuit against her former employer, the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled in imposing a 90-day suspension. The lawyer's wife worked as an executive for a nursing home chain. Following her termination, the wife sued her former employer for...

  • Yaz Plaintiff Loses Bid to Unseal Documents for Fda

    The Food and Drug Administration will not be given access to documents relating to the safety of drospirenone-containing oral contraceptives that pharmaceutical company Bayer has kept confidential in the Yaz and Yasmin multidistrict product liability litigation. In a Nov. 10 order, U.S. District Court Judge David R. Herndon denied a request to lift a protective order regarding certain documents...

  • Clinical Technology, Inc. v. NeuroTherm, Inc., (Ohio 2013)

    Discovery dispute; motion to compel; motion for protective order; abuse of discretion; material prepared by nonattorneys, even if prepared in anticipation of ligation, is protected from discovery only where the material is prepared exclusively and in specific response to imminent litigation; real and substantial possibility of litigation; Civ.R. 26(B)(3) Trial court did not abuse its discretion...

  • Provident Bank v. Spagnola, (Ohio 2006)


  • In re B.D., (Ohio 2009)

    JUVENILE - termination of parental rights; discovery demand; subpoena; quash; protective order; in camera review; notice of discoverable documents; Juv.R. 23; continuance; abuse of discretion; planned permanent living arrangement; magistrate's decision; Juv.R. 40; objections; no independent review; best interest; insufficient statutory analysis; no consideration or discussion of relevant factors; ...

  • Everage v. Elk & Elk, (Ohio 2004)

    Production of documents-discovery-protective order-in camera-misconduct-grievance-disciplinary counsel-uncertified-confidential-private-privileged.

  • Dayspring of Miami Valley v. Carmean, (Ohio 2007)

    The trial court did not err in granting Appellee’s motion for summary judgment. Appellant’s motion for protective order regarding post-judgment discovery is moot. The trial court did not err when it considered an untimely reply memorandum. Judgment affirmed.

  • DeRolph v. State, 91 Ohio St.3d 1274 (2001)

    School funding — Motion to compel discovery granted — Motion for protective order denied — Parties urged to cooperate during short discovery period.

  • Finley v. First Realty Property Mgt., (Ohio 2007)

    Discovery – requests for production of documents – motion for protective order – punitive damages – motion to bifurcate – final, appealable order.

  • Fagerholm v. Gen. Elec. Co., Inc., (Ohio 2009)

    Protective order; summary judgment; employer intentional tort; asbestos; mesothelioma; Civ.R. 26(C); abuse of discretion; limiting; discovery; substantial certainty; actual knowledge.

  • Protective Orders in Pretrial Discovery Phase Keep Journalists Unplugged

    [...] much so that many basic details of the allegations against Intel are still scant - even though AMD filed suit against Intel in 2005, and two foreign trade commissions have ruled against Intel in the last several years for violating antimonopoly or antitrust regulations. [...] much secrecy in the name of trade The protective order was issued under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26, which...

  • Johnson Controls, Inc. v. Cadle Co., (Ohio 2007)

    CIVIL – default judgment; Civ.R. 37; hearing; discovery disputes; failure to attend deposition; protective order; unsigned answers to interrogatories; willfulness or bad faith.

  • Muehrcke v. Housel, (Ohio 2005)

    Deposition, Attorney Fees, Spousal Privilege, Evidentiary Hearing, Production of Documents, Attorney/Client Privilege, Discovery, R.C. 2317.02(A), R.C. 2317.02(D), Protective Order.