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  • Ohio's laws aimed at protecting animals don't begin to reflect how much people love their pets or care about animals generally. When animal abusers don't have to worry about getting into trouble with the law, that can invite neglect -- and worse things. A Sunday story by Dayton Daily News Staff Writer Ben Sutherly detailed how Ohio law treats animal cruelty as low-level destruction of property -- as though abusing a dog equates with vandalizing a mail box. That allows sick or mean people to get away with abuse and unspeakable harm to animals.

  • ... the State of Indiana was allowed by a law of Ohio to transact business in the latter State upon the ... of the cases treated in this section, a writer in 1926 said: "It appears, then, that the Supreme ...

  • ... State , 11 Ohio 424, 425- 426 (1842); Nelson v. State , 26 ... time of the founding, a leading treatise writer described the forfeiture rule as designed to ...

  • ...g., Martin v. Ohio, 480 U. S. 228 (1987), between facts in ... "more fully, perhaps, than any other legal writer," and it cited, among other authorities, "a line ...

  • Amid all the unbridled partisanship and naysaying about Washington gridlock, a glimmer of consensus has begun to develop in Congress around the herculean task of fixing the nation's tax code. House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican, has said rewriting the tax code is a top priority; both President Obama and likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney say it needs to be done, and Sen. Max Baucus, the top Democratic tax-law writer in Congress, said this week that it's time to clear out some of the thousands of tax breaks that have infiltrated the code since it was last overhauled in 1986.

  • ... Biggers , 409 U. S. 188, 192 (1972); Ohio ex rel. Eaton v. Price , 364 U. S. 263, 264 ... Indeed, at least one 19th-century treatise writer asserted that there was "no doctrine of ...

  • Some years ago, when starting a small business, I spent hours and days reading, researching and thinking about the pitfalls, risks and rewards of my new venture. One of the most interesting articles I read concerned "label thinking." The author recounted an incident where to prove a point about possible evils of labels, a waggish writer took the opening words of our Declaration of Independence, modified some of the "olde" English, substituted a few modern words but signed copies of the document with two signatures. The writing was appealing to all citizen readers, but the signatories to the two different copies were: Sen. Joseph McCarthy and Gov. Adlai Stevenson. The jokester sent thousands of copies to people across his state, asking for opinions and if they recognized any of the words...

  • WOOSTER -- Ernest "Ernie" Schooler Infield, 89, venerated columnist, decorated Marine, writer, campaign strategist, life-long Ohio resident, Lion, Methodist, baseball statistics enthusiast, punster, conservationist, businessman, husband, father, father-in- law and grandfather, passed away peacefully, with his daughter at his side, at Smithville-Western Care Center on March 28, 2009. Born at home on Mother's Day in Frazeysburg, Ohio, on May 11, 1919, to Fern Schooler Infield and Charles Irwin Infield, Ernie was an only child. He grew up during the Great Depression on multiple Wayne County farms through the age of 9, when he and his parents settled in Fredericksburg, Ohio, for the remainder of his childhood.

  • ...It is so laid down by the best writers of the law of nations. A declaration of war by ...Maiorano v. Baltimore & Ohio R.R., 213 U.S. 268(1909). The treaty in question ...

  • TORTS-slip and fall; summary judgment; open and obvious doctrine; unnatural accumulation of snow or ice may occur due to construction defect; darkness is an open and obvious hazard.

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