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  • During the fiscal year 2003-2004 (April-March), the Indian economy grew by 8.2%, driven by a 9.1% jump in agricultural production as a result of an abundant monsoon and higher industrial output. This year the rains have not been so abundant, and it looks like the resolve of investors may be tested. The monsoon failure joins a string of unexpected events in 2004, ranging from the electoral defeat of the pro-reform NDA government to potential reversals on privatization, electricity and banking reforms-and promises of increased subsidies from a left-leaning government. While these developments rattled stock market investors, things are not as bleak as they appear. In sectors such as telecom, banking, insurance, IT-enabled services, petroleum and auto ancillaries, there has been a deluge of...

    ....5% even with a poor monsoon, and this growth rate is above the long-term trend-line growth," says ...Even in Mumbai, India's financial capital, an investor setting ... cumbersome excise duty, state taxes and octroi (city taxes) regime is planned with a phased ...

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