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  • motion to enforce settlement agreement; summary judgment; genuine issues of material fact; breach of contract counterclaim. The trial court erred in granting summary judgment when there are genuine issues of fact as to the formation of a settlement agreement, the enforcement of which was sought through a separate action for breach of contract, and the moving party failed to establish all elements of a breach of contract claim, including formation and the moving party’s performance under the terms of the alleged contract.

  • ..."The motion of Docr. Johnson was agreed to nem : con : it ... of a court to decide and pronounce a judgment and carry it into effect between persons and ... law or custom for the protection or enforcement of rights, or the prevention, redress, or ...The leading case is Ohio ex rel. Popovici v. Agler , in which a Rumanian ...

  • Summary judgment, Motion to enforce settlement agreement

  • motion to enforce settlement agreement – evidentiary hearing - summary judgment

  • Motion to enforce settlement; timely notice of appeal; motion for summary judgment; personal injury; spoilation of evidence; malicious prosecution; aiding and abetting.

  • Reversing judgment granting appellee's motion to enforce a settlement agreement.

  • Trial court judgment entry sustaining motion to enforce contempt sentence is final appealable order. Because Civ.R. 52 does not require the trial court to issue findings of fact and conclusions of law in contempt proceedings, time for filing notice of appeal is not tolled. Trial court did not abuse its discretion in overruling party's motion to continue contempt enforcement hearing where party failed to timely raise issue.

  • Subject matter jurisdiction – de novo – settlement agreement – motion to enforce a judgment – independent action – entry of final judgment – settled and dismissed – retain jurisdiction to enforce – breach of contract – default – R.C. 1901.17 – R.C. 1901.18(A)(2) – Civ.R. 15(E) – App.R. 18(C).

  • ... the District Court denied the State's motion to dismiss on Eleventh Amendment immunity ... under §5 of the Fourteenth Amendment to enforce that Amendment's substantive guarantees. Pp. ...The judgment of the Court of Appeals is therefore affirmed. ...2d 867 (1978); State v. Schaim, 65 Ohio St. 3d 51, 64, 600 N. E. 2d 661, 672 (1992) ...

  • SETTLEMENTS - a motion to enforce a settlement not entered as a judgment presents a claim for breach of contract; settlement agreements must meet the requirements of contract law to be enforceable.

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