Margaret Torn

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  • The prologue to "Private Life" describes a chill day soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Margaret Early has just discovered that her husband has reported her friends the Kimuras as spies, and they are now among the hundreds being detained in the horse boxes of a Californian racecourse. Mrs. Kimura is dying. Margaret rushes to help, but can do nothing. These horrifying racecourse scenes fade as Jane Smiley embarks on her tale of Margaret's life, yet the questions they raise linger in the reader's mind. How did Margaret, born in the late 1870s and never aspiring to more than a conventional middle-class marriage, come to be at that detainment center in 1942? And how did everything in her life - in her times - go quietly but steadily and disastrously wrong? Misjudgment on a grand scale ...

  • It's up to a state judge to decide if Passaic County's politically torn Republican Party will meet tonight to elect a chairman. Superior Court Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh heard an eleventh- hour complaint on Monday from Carl Mazzie, the Totowa lawyer who is looking to replace Scott Rumana as chairman. Mazzie asked the judge to postpone the meeting of the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization because votes in the June 2 party primary are still being counted in some municipalities.

  • Margaret Popkin, an American lawyer who worked to overhaul the judicial system in strife-torn El Salvador, died on May 18 at a hospital in Washington. She was 54. The cause was complications of heart surgery, her family said.

  • MEXICO -- The Mexico Public Library has announced new books acquired during early winter. Adult fiction

    ...; "Jimi Sounds Like a Rainbow," Gary Golio; "Torn," Margaret Peterson Haddix; "Girl in the Know," ...

  • As Richard Schultz tells it, his childhood ended in a trailer at a Boy Scout camp when his troop leader stripped him, tied him up and took Polaroids of the 13-year-old boy "modeling" Stations of the Cross. Rape victims talk of having this disconnected feeling from the body and going numb, which is how I was," Schultz said.

    ... Schultz remembers how his mother, Margaret, wouldn't even leave for groceries unless someone ...His mother insisted. Family torn apart. Christopher's suicide was the end of ...

  • WEST SALEM -- The Northwestern Alumni and Friends Association has chosen five graduates to be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame and six people for the Community Hall of Honor. Selected for the Alumni Hall are Vera Gruter Morhenn, Norman Osborn, Clark Stair, Dan Wakefield and Dwight Wasson. Community Hall inductees are Marilyn Badour Ferguson, Dr. Joachim Gruter and attorney Margaret Gruter, Robert Kline, Anna Griffith Swinehart and Helen Ward.

    ... and Margaret Gruter came to America from war-torn Germany in 1951 and established the only resident ...

  • DAYTON -- Though she was just 7 years old when construction began on Julienne High School, 91-year-old Mary Margaret (King) Fortener remembers the rise of the imposing brick building on the hill overlooking her childhood home. It was the talk of the neighborhood," Fortener said. "I realize this is a new world and things change, but to see that building torn down would be terrible.

  • ...Further survived by sisters Margaret Torn and Marion Weyer, brother Anthony Limbach, ...

  • Nature has taken its toll on the former Lindy Boggs Medical Center in Mid-City, but man has been far more vicious. During a tour of the site, the light attached to site supervisor Kirk Laborde's hardhat led the way through a treacherous maze of hallways coated in graffiti, littered with chunks of drywall and insulation torn from the moldy walls of the hospital's main building.

    ...Margaret's at Mercy, a $28.2 million residential facility ...

  • During the 1980s, a coal-miners strike changed the landscape of many Scottish towns. Tight-knit communities and families were torn apart by the long strike that drained meager savings, by the workers who left for other jobs and by Margaret Thatcher's union-busting policies. That historical footnote provides the background for Scottish author Val McDermid's powerful "A Darker Domain" that looks at the personal and political turmoil that the strike brought. As she did in her outstanding "A Place of Execution" (1998), McDermid illustrates how the past affects the present.

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