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  • Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera" is not a feel-good, carefree musical. It features thieves, prostitutes, murderers and corrupt cops in Victorian London, singing about the terrible things they have done and the difficult lives they led. If you're looking for "Oklahoma," you have come to the wrong place. Yet, there's something strangely intoxicating about the dark, seamy underbelly exposed in the show. Weill and Brecht, the composer and playwright emblematic of the flourishing culture of post-World War I Weimar Republic Germany, wrote it in 1928. In 2010, it's as relevant and fascinating as ever - precisely why Shari John, a longtime member of the New Surry Theatre, wanted to direct it.

  • ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Washington-area sniper John Allen Muhammad does not deserve a new trial in Maryland, a state appeals court ruled Monday in a sharply worded unanimous decision that compared Muhammad to Jack the Ripper. The state Court of Special Appeals said Muhammad terrorized the Washington region in a rampage similar to that of the notorious Victorian serial killer who murdered at least five East London prostitutes in 1888.

  • British man charged in slayings of 5 prostitutes LONDON - A 48-year-old truck driver who lives in the red-light district of Ipswich appeared in court today charged with the murder of five local prostitutes whose naked bodies were found in rural areas around the eastern England town.

  • It's a summer of Boswells. Miller's cloying narrator Bill Boswell takes his name from James Boswell (1740-95), perhaps the world's most famous hanger-on, who parlayed his friendship with groundbreaking English lexicographer Samuel Johnson into a celebrated biography. [Philip Baruth]'s new book is about that first bearer of the name. But, like Miller's novel, this compelling historical thriller has modern concerns, such as who ends up famous and why. While its plot perhaps winds up too soon, the novel's conflicts are hard to forget. Like Owen Hirt mocking the alternate worlds of science fiction, [John Boswell] despises his brother for playing games with reality: Even James' dalliances with prostitutes are "all about having other selves, silly childish romanticized se...

    ... to say he's had occasion to read Boswell s London Journal more than a few times. A candid, bawdy, ...

  • By now you've probably heard that there's a movie based on Oliver Twist, only the characters are prostitutes in Canada instead of thieves in London. Sigh--it's true. The one strong element is Nick Stahl, who's certainly the most talented actor here. He's in touch with his dark side enough to give him that certain mysterious watchable something. Even though without him the movie would be completely forgettable, it's almost a shame he's in it. He makes Dodge compelling enough that you genuinely want to understand him, but between the camera keeping you at an emotional arm's length and the baggy, saggy plot (again, nothing happens), it's all too frustrating to bother.

  • LONDON - Police investigating the murders of five prostitutes in a town in eastern England said Saturday they have no formal suspects but are focusing on 50 to 100 people they want to question. Police also released closed-circuit television footage from the train where one victim, 24-year-old Anneli Alderton, was last seen Dec. 3 - the date of the footage - in an effort to track her movements before her body was found seven days later.

  • ... pictures about his activities with prostitutes in a London flat. Mosley was awarded ...

  • In composer Kurt Weill's most famous work, "The Three Penny Opera," he and librettist Bertolt Brecht took John Gay's 18th century "Beggar's Opera" and reworked it into a scathing commentary on social inequities. Peopled by thieves, beggars and prostitutes, the story still takes place in 18th century London, but it's told with the idioms of early popular early-20th century music. Foxtrots, shimmies and tangos pepper a score that is at once tuneful and yet direct and uncompromising in its message.

  • Even within the same city, you can find extremes. A typical high-end call girl in the Knightsbridge section of London can easily set you back $250 or $300. My assistant Una once saw an advertisement in a phone booth while on a London shopping spree, touting "We're identical twins, bisexual, and have no taboos." As one might imagine, the listed price was steep: north of $750 for an hour's debauchery. Another complication is that our knowledge of historical sex pricing is spotty. The merchant's wife in Chaucer's Shipman's Tale sets her rate at 100 francs, which in current money is probably more than $5,000, but that whopping figure can't be taken as reflecting contemporary market values: She's an amateur who's run up some serious debt. A better benchmark is that in 15th-century France, a ...

    ...Looking just at Europe, some Swedish prostitutes can earn thousands of dollars a day, while Greek ...

  • By the time public relations executive Justine Sacco ended her 12-hour flight from London to South Africa, her offensive tweet had gone viral. "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!" it said. Within hours, Inter-Active Corp. fired the communications director. Sacco issued a public apology to South Africans, explaining it was easy to be cavalier about its AIDS crisis "that we read about in America, but do not live with or face on a continuous basis." Actually, Americans, and not just black ones, live with the AIDS crisis, too. Of the many questions the story raises, one is how someone so lacking in PR skills got to be a public relations executive. That's far more of a mystery than why Phil Robertson, patriarch of the A& E Network reality show "Duck ...

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