juridico-discursive conception of power

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  • The paper is in four sections to put the case that discourses of youth in the 21st century context of neoliberal, consumer, capitalist societies, need to move beyond earlier understandings based on psychological and cultural/subcultural studies to harness Foucault's notion of governmentality. First, governmentality, which links government and self-government; and neoliberalism and the entrepreneurial self is discussed. Second, a brief genealogy of 'psychologizing adolescence' and 'sociologizing youth' discourses shows historical shifts in how youth are viewed and positioned. Third, discourses of youth 'at risk' considers youth governmentality in terms of social security, risk assessment, management and insurance, i.e. both economic aspects and therapeutic discourses for managing risk, u...

    ...Michel Foucault (1982) Truth, Power, Self: An Interview with Michel Foucault ... the importance of changing economic conceptions of the self which demand something more than ...

  • ... (2) Against the image of a unitary locus of power and government in the state, focus was shifted ... (sometimes called poststructuralist) conception of power in contrast to those problematics that ...

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