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  • APPELLATE REVIEW - denial of motion to dismiss a complaint is not a final appealable order.

  • * Samuel Cutrufelli, 31, filed a lawsuit in October in Sacramento County, Calif., claiming that Jay Leone, 90, "negligently" shot him. Cutrufelli had burglarized Leone's home in Greenbrae, unaware that Leone was home. When Leone reached for one of his stashed handguns, Cutrufelli shot him in the jaw and then pulled the trigger point-blank at Leone's head, but was out of bullets. Leone then shot Cutrufelli several times, which Cutrufelli apparently felt was entirely unnecessary. * An articulate, functional "cave man" of El Paso, Texas, continues to roam his neighborhood, often naked, resisting efforts to bring him back onto the grid, according to October coverage by El Paso's KVIATV. His mountainside subterranean structure, described as "intricate," might be on land owned by the local wa...

    ... the man, who has allegedly swum in their pools and even swiped items from their laundry rooms, ...

  • We, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), determine endangered species status under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (Act), as amended, for 15 species on the island of Hawaii. In addition, we are recognizing a taxonomic change for one Hawaiian plant currently listed as an endangered species and revising the List of Endangered and Threatened Plants accordingly. The effect of this regulation is to conserve these species under the Act.

    ...Anchialine Pools. Anchialine pools are land-locked bodies of ..., and (2) Hawaii Department of Hawaiian Home Lands); one was a county agency (County of Hawaii ... of the anchialine habitat, but may also roam freely throughout shallow exposed areas. The ...

  • APPELLATE REVIEW - Denial of motion to dismiss is not final; lack of final appealable order; must meet requirements of R.C. 2505.02 and Civ.R. 54(B); mere inclusion of Civ.R. 54(B) language does not make an entry final.

    ...LEXIS 145, at ¶3, citing Hill v. Home & Roam Pools, 11th Dist. No. 2003-A-0097, ...

  • ...Maxx Home Goods, homegoods.com * Alys Edwards Anamite honed ....com * Happy Hour Stella ice bucket, Roam, roaminteriors.com * Mesh-top table, Peters ...-425-4280, minnesotascreens.com * Prestige Pools, 651-490-1399, prestigepools.com * Scherer Bros. ...

  • APPELLATE REVIEW - Lack of final appealable order; must meet requirements of R.C. 2505.02 and Civ.R. 54(B); mere inclusion of Civ.R. 54(B) language does not make an entry final.

    ... Hill v. Home & Roam Pools, 11th Dist. No. 2003-A-0097, ...

  • ... use permit for the operation of a group home for the mentally retarded incurred only the ... house "'deviants'" who needed "'room to roam,'" Government's Lodging 1068. A complete listing ...00585 inaccessible public pools; inaccessible restrooms in municipal building. ...

  • When she arrives at day care, Sophie runs to meet the employees. No separation anxiety here for the 10-month-old Sophie, a Golden doodle whose owner, Vicki Schafer, drops her off at doggy daycare a couple of days a week.

    ... among a group of canines jumping in kiddie pools, climbing on outdoor toys, and interacting with ...Pets are not home barking at neighbors or chewing shoes. "We want ...They also may roam inside a large house where they lounge on leather ...

  • CIVIL - small claims; reimbursement for vacation pay; reimbursement for equipment purchased; forfeiture clause; misjoinder; Civ.R. 21; irrelevant and prejudicial evidence; form of magistrate's decision; general judgment; findings of fact and conclusions of law; Civ.R. 53(D)(3)(a) and (b); motion for stay; amendment of appeal; App.R. 3(D); final order; weight of the evidence; record on appeal; App.R. 12(A)(1)(b)

    ...Home & Roam Pools, 11th Dist. No. 2003-A-0097, ...

  • One woman brought her daughter to the Virginia Zoo's Okavango Delta because it looks so much like her native African home with its nomadic Xaxaba village with reed-thatched shelters. Some families are drawn to the exhibit because it reminds them of a treasured movie, "The Lion King" - giraffes, zebras, elephants and a lion roam grassy plains, granite hills and azure pools.

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