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  • (Slip Opinion) OCTOBER TERM, 2012 NOTE: Where it is feasible, a syllabus (headnote) will be released, as isbeing done in connection with this case, at...

  • SARATOGA, Calif. - One evening last Labor Day weekend, 15-year- old Audrie Pott walked up the driveway of a classmate's home, alongside other teenagers. She'd told her parents she was spending the night with a friend. The friend claimed she was sleeping at Audrie's. Instead, the girls were having a party. A classic teenage ploy. By all accounts, Audrie was a gorgeous girl. Her lush brown hair framed a heart-shaped face. Light makeup outlined her sharp brown eyes, but round cheeks gave her a childlike charm. She was a soccer player, a painter, a girl who at age 4 had the gumption to stand in front of 1,000 people in church and belt out a solo.

  • What a marvel, this modest Lionhead library. A pretty quintet of shorts, poetically named Little Dramas of the Big Places. Serial scenes of woodland wonders as Shipman, playing "Story-Girl" Dreena, cavorts with God's creations, converts loggers into lovers and comforts crippled children. Adventures abounded as the Virtuous heroine braves blizzards and rapids to rescue her backwoods neighbors, often assisted by forest friends. Son [Barry], brought up from California, won a featured role requiring a fall through the ice. When the shots of Barry and Shipman's waterlogged struggles to safety weren't deemed convincing by the star, the boy was belt-dragged back into the wet. Shipman would have it her way. He, as stubborn as she, chose never to work with his mother again. Of the five shorts, o...

  • An excerpt from author Hjalmar Bergman's novel, The Girl in Tails, which pits old against young, pride against modesty, tradition against new ideas, all wrapped in humor tinged with melancholy, is presented.

  • DALLAS - As the Girl Scouts turns 100 this year, members are using their centennial to remind Americans that they're more than girls in vests who sell cookies and gather around campfires singing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and "Make New Friends. They conduct science experiments, learn about being smart with money and perform community service projects.

  • Like Girl Scouts, our 2013 Cool Women make the world a better place," said Jo Dee C. Jacob, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts San Diego. "We're proud to honor these 10 exceptional women. High Tech High sophomore Andrea Quintanar addressed luncheon guests about Girl Scouts' impact on her life. She reaches out to the world community through Girl-Scoutsponsored forums and programs that promote education and positive change. A member of Senior Troop 5283 (led by her mother, Consuelo Murillo Quintanar), Andrea represented Girl Scouts San Diego at the 2012 Girls 'World Forum in Chicago, where girls from 92 countries gathered to discuss gender equality, environmental sustainability and poverty. Through the Girl Scout Destinations travel program, Andrea has surfed in Costa Rica, tried wa...

  • AURORA -- Police say a 2-year-old girl is in critical condition after her head got trapped between the window and door frame of an SUV. Aurora police said they are still trying to determine how the accident happened on Tuesday.

  • Once Libbie Lindsay first put on her Girl Scout uniform in 1925, she never wanted to take it off. The oldest living Girl Scout in North Jersey, Lindsay, 99, of Lyndhurst, still keeps the khaki knee-length jacket and matching ranger hat in pristine condition.

  • A jury today convicted Darshawn Morris in the gruesome murder and attempted dismemberment of a 13-year-old girl last summer after a party at his apartment. Jurors apparently didn't believe Morris, who testified at trial that he didn't kill Lanasha Rollerson and that a man he identified as his cousin was the killer.

  • Girl Scouts in the Richard Henry Lee Elementary School cluster recently bridged to new levels of Scouting and received awards during a recent bridging ceremony. Cadette Troop 1342 members who bridged to the senior level of Scouting include Magnolia Nelka, Katelyn Atkinson, Hana Sala, Jessica Elliott, Brianna Wilson, Presley Fox and Lissa Maule. Magnolia also received her Cadette Leadership pin.

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