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  • Dr. Leroy Vaughn of the Eye Care for Diabetics Medical Group Inc., 323 N Prairie, Suite 217, a surgeon of eye diseases, cataract and laser, recently returned from Africa, where he treated thousands. A member of the ASA-USA Medical Mission team, the group went to Abuja, Nigeria. In Enugwu-Ukwu, the team found another crowd from the Njikoka area. The Enugwu-Ukwu General Hospital had a newly improved and equipped surgical theater, which turned out to be the best The power generator provided light and there was running water. Last year, when the medical team was there none of these were available and surgery was done by flashlight. Along with Dr. Vaughn, Dr. Nnaemaka Udo, a general surgeon, and other medical providers performed free services, which included cataract surgery, glaucoma and ot...

    ...Chief George O. Ilouno (Olili) was the chair and coordinator ...

  • I could only perform about three surgeries a day, with the flash light and the only equipment I carried with me. I couldn't service the hundreds of people in line; I decided to take the ones who couldn't see. I swiped the area and injected them, they never flinch one time. I performed the surgery and they left. Didn't get to see them again. "As we prepared to leave. I was asked, 'Will you return on another medical mission?' I told them I would if I had a microscope and generator. I was assured then that it will be there next year and I will be able to see and help more people than I could see this year. It was a very real time to serve the poor and needy in Africa," added Dr. [Vaughn] of the Eye Care for Diabetics Medical Group. 323 N7. Prairie Ave. Suite 211 in Inglewood.

    ...Chief George Ilouno, chaired this team," added Dr. Vaughn. "I ...

  • ... 02/20/2002 ISHPEMING, MI ILOUNO, GEORGE ORANYELU.................. 02/20/2002 ...

  • ... 02/20/2002. ILOUNO, GEORGE ORANYELU, HARBOR CITY, CA...... ...

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