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  • Another preliminary hearing has been set for Monroe Eugene Lockhart III, but this time it came with an ultimatum. If Lockhart hasn't hired an attorney for his third preliminary hearing, Shawnee County District Court Judge Mark Braun said, he will be representing himself.

  • Ex-Wisconsin man moved to Canada in 1970 to avoid draft during Vietnam War

  • If you're Downtown looking for a lawyer around noon, you might as well have lunch at McEwen's on Monroe. There's a good chance you'll find your lawyer, and so what if you don't? You're sure to have a nice lunch. It's hard to believe that Mac Edwards opened it just 14 years ago, or that it changed hands, going to Bert Smythe and John Littlefield in 2008. McEwen's has the feel of a place that's been established for generations, run by the same family closely guarding secret recipes. There's a nice lunch menu at McEwen's. It's big and varied, but not overwhelming. Want the seared tuna sandwich but not loving the carbs?

  • Frequent school board candidate Arch Brooks has been given more time to find an attorney in his domestic assault case. Brooks yesterday told Associate Circuit Judge Deborah Daniels he was having a tough time finding an attorney in Columbia. I might have to go out of town" to find a lawyer, he told the court.

  • In the 20 or so years that he and his wife have been collecting art, Harvey Peyton said one lesson rings true. You never worry about the stuff you buy - you worry about the stuff you don't buy," he said.

  • FARMINGTON - Franklin County Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy on Tuesday gave a Jay man three weeks to hire an attorney or prepare to represent himself in his 17-month-old case. Court-appointed attorney George Hess requested to withdraw from representing Jonathan J. Nurse, 34, accused of breaking into a Wilton woman's apartment and beating her in May 2007, shortly after his release from state prison. Nurse is charged with burglary, domestic assault, obstructing the reporting of a crime, simple assault and probation violation, according to a Franklin County jail officer.

  • I'm a National Public Radio listener, and though this week I've been sliding over to the sports channels to see what they're saying about the NCAA tournament, I did have the opportunity to hear an audio recording of a U.S. Supreme Court gem. There are all kinds of nuts who could get 90 percent on the bar exam," said Justice Anthony M. Kennedy in oral arguments last Wednesday while hearing Indiana v. Edwards.

  • It's not the guns If I didn't know it was news I would have thought the article about the 10-year-old being arrested for playing with a broken toy gun after school hours, dragged away from his mother and going to court in chains would have been something out of a dark Dickensian story. Only the paramount buffoonery of a society of idiots could have come up with this sick form of mental child abuse and frankly I hope the parents find a lawyer who will dog this bunch until they are held accountable.

  • Dear Tim: My daughter and son-in-law recently purchased a house built in the 1930s. They hired both a general inspector and a termite inspector to discover any and all defects. But two months after moving in, my daughter has discovered wood rot, mold and active termites. The inspectors will refund the inspection fees but wants my daughter to sign a release form that says she and her husband promise not to seek other legal remedies. My daughter and her husband have little money. What should they do now? - Joan McN., Shaker Heights, Ohio.

  • Former state Rep. Jeff Habay, accused of sparking an anthrax scare by claiming a political foe mailed him white powder, must find a lawyer within a month or he could be forced to represent himself, a judge ruled Monday. Habay, 40, is under house arrest pending an appeal of his December conviction on a felony conflict-of-interest charge. The Shaler Republican had served about two months of a six- to 12-month sentence in a South Side alternative housing facility before he was released Oct. 3.

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