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  • Company registries, property registries, building departments and power distribution utilities in too many economies make it difficult to access basic information such as fee schedules for their services. In only 25% of economies do all 4 agencies make fee schedules easily accessible through their websites or through brochures or notice boards. These are mostly higher-income economies, but they also include low- and lower-middle-income economies such as Armenia, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Georgia and Tanzania. Around the world company registries are most likely to make information available online or through brochures or notice boards, and building departments least likely to do so (figure 8.1). On the brighter side, in only 7 of 176 economies do all 4 of these agencies require that cus...

    ..., Sweden and the United States, for example, company registries, property registries, ...

  • This final rule amends the current regulatory text of the regulations for FTCA Coverage of Certain Grantees and Individuals with the key text and examples of activities that have been determined, consistent with provisions of the existing regulation, to be covered by the FTCA, as previously published in the September 25, 1995 Federal Register Notice (September 1995 Notice). Additionally, HRSA has added examples of services covered under the FTCA involving individual emergency care provided to a non-health center patient and updated the September 1995 Notice immunization example to include events to immunize individuals against infectious illnesses. The amended regulation will supersede the September 1995 Notice.

  • As the guy who is charged with writing about what big prep events are coming up on the schedule, I often receive emails and calls from coaches and event directors looking for a spotlight to be pointed on their events. For example, earlier this month, I got a notice from John McCausland, Mountain View boys golf coach, about the Jeff Hudson Invitational golf tournament. So we let you know about the premier early season golf event.

  • After the first two days of Indiana's online ISTEP-Plus testing were halted by technical issues Monday and Tuesday, elementary and middle school students resumed taking the annual standardized exam Wednesday morning. CTB/McGraw-Hill, the vendor hired by the state to administer the test, announced in a message posted on its website about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday that "systems are ready to go. However the message also asked that schools decrease their daily test load to 50 percent of normal levels until further notice to allow flexibility in the online system's load/memory capacity. For example, officials recommended rather than testing two grade levels at the same time, a school should make arrangements to test only one.

  • Whether it was a case of miscommunication, misunderstanding or misplacement, the idea that an inmate could be held in the Erie County Holding Center for more than two years without charges, without anyone taking notice, is yet another example of a mismanaged jail. Whatever systems that need to be put in place to make sure that an incident like this, or the many others before, does not occur again must be fast-tracked. Federal inquiries about an inmate's whereabouts should have raised a red flag, but they didn't.

  • To most visitors looking for a place to stay in Portland, The Percy Inn probably isn't the first name that comes to mind. But the seven rooms in the 174-year-old brick rowhouse are rarely empty on weekends, thanks in part to the Internet. Dale Northrup, the inn's owner, estimates that eight in 10 of his guests book their rooms online. He was reminded last month of how important the Internet has become for reservations, when his Web site went down for a couple of days and the occupancy rate fell from 100 percent to 25 percent.

  • Topeka's city government is blessed with highly qualified employees capable of becoming "actors" on short notice. Pam Simecka is a good example. She was already serving as acting finance director following the retirement a year ago of Jim Langford. Then when an acting city manager was needed until the position can be filled permanently, the Topeka City Council recognized Simecka had the perfect experience and credentials to do that job, too.

  • Rep. Jerrold Nadler doesn't think abortions kill babies. How 20th century of him. The Democrat from New York made this outmoded argument late last month when members of the House Judiciary Committee met to review the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA). Many states make it illegal to perform an abortion on a minor girl without first telling her parents. Parental notice laws are perhaps the best example of common-sense, common-ground abortion regulation today. Numerous polls attest to this, and the Supreme Court has ruled them constitutional, provided they contain certain exceptions.

  • According to Harold Camping, May 21, 2011, was supposed to be Judgment Day. It was, in a sense. As the day came and went, the world judged Mr. Camping's 15 minutes of fame were up. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner may yet learn something from Mr. Camping. Mr. Geithner has been a whirlwind of worry about the nation defaulting if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling. He has likened it to a financial judgment day, an event so terrible and unpredictable it shouldn't be contemplated, let alone risked. Yet the market for U.S. debt - where the default would occur - remains sanguine about the debt ceiling and apparently dismissive of Mr. Geithner's preaching. Notice, for example, how the bellwether 10- year Treasury bond rate has recently plunged to or below 3 percent, hardly a harbin...

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