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  • Eritrea planned and financed an attempted terrorist attack on a summit of African leaders in January in neighboring Ethiopia, its longtime enemy in the Horn of Africa, according to a U.N. report released Thursday. The report summarized months of investigation by the U.N. Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, which included testimony by gunmen who claimed Eritrea paid them to bomb a meeting of the African Union in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

    ...The Eritrean government has consistently denied accusations, ..."This fabricated drama is absolutely absurd," he said. The report said ...

  • ... Wade conceded Sunday night? There was no drama or ambiguity about this. MS. NULAND: No, ... and said that the Ethiopian attacks on Eritrean soil were the - was basically the responsibility ...

  • There are around 200,000 Eritreans living in other countries, and about 500 of them stay in touch and debate issues of their newly-independent homeland via an Internet group called Dehai. The participants discuss issues such as religion, the new constitution and women's rights.

    ... they've only heard from afar about the dramatic changes since independence in 1993. Those who ...

  • Cohen discusses his experience in Addis on Fasika, the Ethiopian Easter. Adoption has become big business here since countries like China and Guatemala have cracked down on illegal trafficking, but as awareness of the commoditization and export of children grows, along with the sense that a lot of money is changing hands in the process, some slow-burning resentment has begun to build.

    ...Very dramatic. The Italians flew it in on that big Ukrainian ... we sit watching East African Idol on the Eritrean channel, waiting for our guide, Sisay, to take us ...

  • .... The Saudi government expelled Eritrean Christian Girmaye Ambaye for "Christian ...The BSC said that the show clearly was a drama and not a factual account. . UNITED STATES . ...

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