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  • A recent survey by Millennial Branding and oDesk reveals the prevalence of freelancers among the Millennial workforce. The survey, which polled independent professionals between the ages of 19 and 30, found that 72% of freelancers want to quit their regular jobs, and 61% intend to do so in the next two years. The survey also gives shape to a new definition of entrepreneurship: 90% of the professionals surveyed indicate that entrepreneurship is a mindset rather than a title for someone who owns a business. Freelancing is especially appealing to Millennials, who are known for wanting freedom and flexibility in their careers, as well as the ability to rapidly achieve career success. .

  • Entrepreneurship researchers use various types of screening criteria to select samples for study. In that selecting these criteria is, in effect, choosing a definition or model of entrepreneurship, the consequences are immense and have had a direct impact on the generalizability of research and theory development in our field. The purpose of this study is to help entrepreneurship researchers better understand these consequences and, thereby, improve our understanding of entrepreneurial phenomenon. Four of the most commonly used screening criteria are included in this study: firm age, firm size, firm growth, and innovation. Based on a sample of 368 manufacturing firms, the results indicate that few firms fit all or even most of the considered screening criteria and independent-dependent ...

  • Almost half of all Wisconsinites can be considered entrepreneurs, and more needs to be done to support them, according to a survey released by a state agency Thursday. The survey uses an expansive definition of entrepreneurship.

  • Although people generally agree on a broad definition of social entrepreneurship, confusion reigns over the specifics. Some observers believe that the social entrepreneur himself or herself is the linchpin of change, whereas others focus on the idea, the opportunity for change, or the organization that provides the muscle for scaling up to maximum effect.

  • This paper reviewed the field of entrepreneurship and proposed four criteria for classifying entrepreneurship sub-fields; the classification criteria include the entrepreneur's work environs wherein the entrepreneur is embedded, the motivation behind the venture, the nature of the opportunity being exploited, and the location of the opportunity. We then strive to advance the concept of the Entrepreneurship Mix by linking these classification criteria to the 4W's which make up the Entrepreneurship Mix (Who, Why, What and Where).

    ... and financer, articulated a new definition of entrepreneur in the early eighteenth century ...

  • Would-be entrepreneurs tend to make certain common mistakes when starting a new enterprise. Chief among these mistakes is the failure to properly plan finances, especially cash flow. Such a failure is the epitome of the statement, "Failure to plan is a plan to fail." It has been said that in entrepreneurship the definition of happiness is "positive cash flow." Companies die for one reason -- they run out of cash.

  • What is a "small business" in the eyes of the law? There is not one standard definition. Current legal definitions of a firm’s size are inconsistent and overinclusive. They vary from one area of the law to another and within various sections of the same law. They create a skewed picture and result in data distortion that reinforces favoritism toward small entities, as studies on the contribution of small businesses to the economy are greatly dependent on these studies’ delineation of the term "small". In this time of huge deficits and rise in economic inequality, a lot of money is being spent based on the entrenched belief that small firms are the essence of our economy, which is not necessarily true. Therefore, this Article argues that the current focus on size in many legal definition...

  • ... will present a discussion on the definition of social entrepreneurship, and also social ...

  • In an interview, Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP) founding rector Dr. Naveed A. Malik talked about the VUP. He was contacted by the Ministry of Science & Technology of the Government of Pakistan to spearhead the challenging education project over eleven years ago. The major problem facing Pakistani higher education program at that time, and in fact currently still valid, is that they had a steadily increasing strength of students ready to go to colleges and universities, while the existing colleges and universities were already full and had no capacity to absorb all of the eligible graduates from higher secondary institutions. Besides the capacity problem, another major challenge was finding qualified faculty even if they could accept more students into the existing colleges and...

    ...Malik: The definition of an entrepreneur is usually someone who takes ...

  • The entrepreneurship literature has grown to include a host of sub-domain concepts such as "corporate entrepreneurship," "social entrepreneurship," and "opportunity entrepreneurship." This article applies a framework of theoretical lenses to historical definitions of entrepreneurship to explore the range of potential sub-domain terms. A taxonomy is applied to these terms to create a lexicon as well as new combinations of sub-domain terms such as nascent, opportunity, immigrant, and social entrepreneurship. The lexicon and the boundaries between sub-domain terms are used to generate new research questions, testable propositions, and new insights in the field of entrepreneurship.

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