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  • , by Jane Gleeson-White, is reviewed.

  • Double entry accounting, or the concept of debits and credits, remains relevant in time of computerized accounting system. Software developers still must have the knowledge of double accounting and the traditional systems to be able to gather, analyze and present financial information. Aside from providing a basic knowledge foundation, double entry accounting also serves as a natural representation of business events. Moreover, examinations for future accountants still include the concepts of double entry accounting.

  • One of the last of the turn-of-the-century mansions that once lined Union Avenue was at home in an era that knew gas lights, horsehair sofas, horse-drawn buggies and marble busts. It began as a private home completed in 1909 by a lumberman whose name sounded like a soap-opera character. Roland Darnell had an eye for fine domestic oaks, Caribbean mahogany and European architecture. His house had arched windows, double front doors, exposed beams and a grand entry hall, with a dramatic, double- cantilever staircase fit for Scarlett O'Hara.

  • A bookkeeping system that lists each transaction twice in the ledger. Double-entry bookkeeping is a method whereby every tran...

  • An examination of the account books of John Myers, a seaport trading merchant from Norfolk, VA, from 1800 to 1804 shows an evolution over time from the recording of simple financial transactions in double entry format with no distinction between personal and business affairs, to the detailed accounting and reporting for increasingly complex business dealings with his trading partners. This article will first offer a brief description of the Federalist period of US history and the Myers family business in Norfolk, VA, as well as a review of Myers' business career and his accounting training. This is followed by details of the young Myers' actual accounting entries to his books of record and his reporting to his trading partners. Finally, conclusions as to Myers' development over time as ...

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  • The Bowlium, the classic bowling alley at 4666 Holt Blvd. in Montclair, opened in 1958, two years after the city incorporated. In fact, based on a rendering in the manager's office that I saw a few years back, Montclair was still known as Monte Vista, its short- lived original name, as the 32-lane alley was planned. With its double-arched entry, stone exterior and swanky coffee shop, the Bowlium is a stylish place, but it's had a little less swagger since the towering 50-foot sign out front was torn down in 1999.

  • Director of aquatics Kenny Gonzales noted the "zero-depth entry" at San Pedro Park, referring to the beachfront-style entrance of half-an-inch of water in reaching the maximum five-foot depth. The Lady Bird Johnson pool at 10700 Nacogdoches boasts "double zero-entry," with two sides upon which excited children can run along before reaching its own maximum five-foot depth, [Hank Salinas] added. It used to be a natural spring pool that's been renovated two times, and then it became a conventional pool," Salinas said of the San Pedro Park offering. Added Gonzales: "In 2000, we made it look like it's spring-fed, but it's not. The city's newest pool, dubbed Heritage, at 1423 S. Ellison Drive set to debut this month offers spray water features for added relief from the hot summer sun. Park ...

  • Almost everyone who has taken a basic accounting course has heard the name Luca Pacioli linked with the beginnings of double-entry bookkeeping, but very few people know anything more about this fascinating and very significant man. This article seeks to remedy that situation and illuminate the fascinating early history of the profession. The earliest discovered records based on the double-entry bookkeeping method were prepared in Genoa in the year 1340. Many years would pass before a written description of double-entry accounting was first put into a printed book. That took place in 1494, when Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita by Luca Pacioli was published in Venice. Pacioli continued to gather knowledge and personal experience useful to his teaching, and i...

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- PeerAssist, a leading developer of tailored construction management software solutions, raises the bar for construction safety with their new application, Certification Assist. This unique construction safety certification software allows contractors to oversee and track all employees to determine who has, needs or is going to need additional safety training. Because PeerAssist tailors each application to their clients' specific needs, Certification Assist easily integrates into any accounting package, requiring very little training and eliminating the need for double entry of employees and their classifications. Working closely with California Drywall, we saw firsthand the difficultly of managing and maintaining employee certifications in a...

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