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  • Longtime Devils goalie Martin Brodeur apparently won't participate in the Olympics for the first time since 1998. But his newly acquired partner, Cory Schneider, could make his Winter Olympics debut in the 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia. Training camp invitation lists for the U.S., Canada and Russia were unveiled Monday, and New Jersey residents James van Riemsdyk, John Carlson and Bobby Ryan were included on Team USA's initial 48- man roster.

  • Bergen County boys basketball is aggressively attacking the rim next high school season with an event similar to college hoops' National Invitation Tournament. The Bergen Invitation Tournament will debut in February and provide a much-needed alternative for teams not selected for the more prestigious Bergen Jamboree.

  • Recording artist turned author, Dr. Mable John is extending an invitation to the community for her debut book signing Thursday, July 20 at Eso Won Books in Los Angeles. John, a former R&B vocalist with such hits as the 1966, "Your Good Thing (Is About to End) penned "Sanctified Blues," a semi autobiographical talc about Albertina Merci. Merci, like John, toured the South with some of the biggest names of the 1950s- 60s era including Billie Holiday and Ray Charles.

  • Nick Diamonds is funny: "I'm not ashamed of my accomplishments.... After the record comes out, there's a six-month grace period where I don't mind if people talk about the fact that we used to be in the Unicorns and bring it up all the time. But, after that, if I hear anyone incessantly making mention of it ... I'm chopping the heads off of the people in the front row." Bandmate J'Aime Tambeur references their outstanding want ad for a touring monitor engineer who doubles as a sniper capable of offing 13-year-old Unicorns fans on command. Oh, jokes: In 2003, Montreal's Unicorns became the buzz of the indie universe, but they broke up after a handful of cursory American tours, thanks to a massive rift between the pair of Tambeur and Diamonds and their bandmate Alden Penner. Tambeur and D...

    ... in the capital city and a curated invitational in Gary scatter their shows-over various nights ... he's holding those plans close until the debut on Saturday, April 29. Expect to be entertained, ...

  • Hardin County will host the first U.S. screening of "Elizabethtown," director Cameron Crowe's nod to his Kentucky roots. The film, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, will debut at an invitation-only screening Saturday at Movie Palace in Elizabethtown.

  • COLUMBUS - With no bells, no whistles but lots of anticipation, state Rep. Jon Husted, R-Kettering, made a political debut of sorts last week. It was an invitation-only affair for Ohio House Republicans, a party caucus held behind closed doors.

  • Among the celebrities spotted at the event people are still talking about were John Salley, Jerome Bettis, Kwame Kilpatrick and wife Carlita, Kem, Russell Simmons and Nick Cannon. FLASHING SMILES that reflected the success of the event were (from left) First Lady Carlita Kilpatrick, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, award-winning singer/musician/songwriter Kem, former NBA star John Salley and his wife, Natasha. Among the other highlights of the the GM Style event, an invitation-only affair, was the world debut of numerous GM global concept cars, in addition to the Saturn Astra Tuner and the Chevrolet Beat.

  • Michael Rosenbaum has reeled through "Back in the Day" plenty of times, from the editing suite to screening rooms set up for test audiences, investors and potential distributors. The prospect of a hometown premiere, where he shot the high-school reunion comedy, has triggered its own heady blend of emotions, however, says the first-time director. "It's going to be exciting; it's going to be nerve-wracking; it's going to be everything," Rosenbaum said in a call from his home in Los Angeles. "It's going to be like opening night when I was doing plays. Audiences for an invitation-only premiere Thursday in Newburgh and the public theatrical releases Friday at Showplace Cinemas in Newburgh and Evansville will include some who saw the 1990 Castle High School graduate in his stage ...

    ...," but "Back in the Day" marks his debut as a feature movie screenwriter and director. ...

  • Series of concerts celebrates 75th annviersary of Casavant organ's installation Submitted photo

    ... in Haarlem, Holland, which led to an invitation to make his American debut in Chicago. Following ...

  • []' two passions are dance and Sophie, her roommate and best friend, played sharply by Mickey Sumner, daughter of Sting. The relationship is a startlingly original one. Without a second thought, Frances turns down an invitation to move in with her boyfriend because, she explains, she's promised to stay through the end of the lease and Sophie will likely want to renew it. That's the end of that, but the breakup is barely a blip on her emotional radar. If you're experiencing a twinge of déjà vu, it might be because [Noah Baumbach] has been here before. His first film, 1995's Kicking and Screaming, likewise examined the difficulty a certain type of person can have escaping the gravitational pull of college. The difference between the two films comes down to the effortless charm, ...

    ... amusing to consider, was 12 when Baumbach's debut was released. Here comes the real-world ...

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