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  • Formalising the Second Front

    NOW that the opposition coalition has taken the step to formalise itself, how will its members react, given their ideological and cultural differences, and how will this further affect the ruling coalition? AFTER more than 18 months of agreeing to formalise their 2008 election pact into a formal coalition called the Pakatan Rakyat or PR (People's Alliance), the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PK...

  • Epf Not to Subsidise Plus

    THE sale of PLUS to a UEM-EPF special purpose vehicle for RM23 billion with little information forthcoming has raised eyebrows. This is understandable, as there are concerns that the life savings of EPF members are being used to subsidise the highway concessionaire's operations. ASAS SERBA SDN BHD AND MMC CORPORATION Bhd could be kicking themselves in the rear. There's no doubt that their...

  • When No News Is Bad News

    WHILE things seem to be improving economically in the West, the state of our very own economy is still uncertain, or rather vague. What can help is better-managed news flow from the government to the public. But sadly, this isn't the case. So, what gives? THE GOOD NEWS COMING OUT OF WASHINGTON in the last couple of days suggests that the worst of the recession is over and it may soon end.

  • Health Is Wealth

    A RECESSION IS A DISTRESSING time for anyone in business. The healthcare industry, however, seems to be resilient in a crisis. Recession or no recession, there is always a need for medical and healthcare services. So Malaysia's largest private hospital group, KPJ Healthcare Bhd, is all geared up and even excited at the prospects of further growth.

  • China's Loss, Malaysia's Gain

    DESPITE THE FIERCE WIND OF competition blowing in their faces, the 21 Malaysian exhibitors made a strong pitch at the Hannover Industrial Fair 2008, Germany's and, indeed, the world's largest trade fair for machinery, capital goods, subcontracting, energy, etc, held from April 21 to 25. Six of the Malaysian exhibitors participated under the aegis of the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (...

  • 100 Per Cent in Days

    CAPTAINS of industry were pleasantly surprised when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi held a dialogue with them recently. It turned

  • 'I lost my head in Borneo': tourism and the refashioning of the headhunting narrative in Sabah, Malaysia.

    ... to 1965 as "an attempt to seek an unacceptable level of autonomy," and he was replaced by Datuk Mustafa, a Muslim Sulu chief and a leader of the Muslim Dusun (Shamsul A. B. 1998, 31). (16) The ...

  • Other Thots

    WHILE the opposition coalition seems to be facing numerous problems, the ruling coalition is not faring any better, judging from the shenanigans of the MCA and the MIC. To top it all, the consistently damaging Auditor- General's report year in year out demands that the government does something about it, failing which a price will have to be paid at a later date, slowly but surely. Survival is a...

  • The Italian Connection

    DOCUMENTS signed during the recent Italian business delegation visit to Malaysia will bolster trade and investment between the two countries. SINCE THE ONSET OF THE global economic crisis, which has been accompanied by a sharp downturn in demand for all kinds of products, one has been hearing Cassandra cries of doom and gloom, with many seemingly robust corporations going bust as they were swept...

  • Selling Malaysia to the World

    THE Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation has come up with an informative newsletter for Malaysian exporters. LOCAL EXPORTERS CAN LEARN a thing or two on how to leverage on the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)'s global trade network in the latest issue of TradeMart, an informative newsletter targeting Malaysian exporters.

  • Attracting Foreign Investment

    IS Malaysia's services sector door open wide enough? MALAYSIA'S PARTIAL OPEN-door policy for its services sector, which aims to attract foreign investment and expertise to the economy, should prove a success but may take time to live up to the government's high expectations.

  • The Drama Queen

    FATIMAH Abu Bakar was born to perform. The eldest child and the only girl with two younger brothers for siblings, she was shy and introverted. But thank god for her imagination! `I had imaginary friends, I would act out imaginary situations, I'd be the princess - I lived in a world of my own. When I was myself, I was shy and quiet but when I was being somebody else I lost all inhibitions,'...

  • Malaria and climate change: discussion on economic impacts.

    ... Guyana (Booth and MacLean, 2001) 10-20% of average monthly income Sudan, Khartoum State (Mustafa and 5.3% of average monthly income Babiker, 2007) Studies suggest that economic burdens of malaria ...(1) Md. Shahin Mia, (1) Rawshan Ara Begum, (2)Ah-Choy Er, (1) Raja Datuk Zaharaton Raja Zainal Abidin and (1) Joy Jacqueline Pereira . (1) Institute for Environment and ...

  • The Biggest Show Yet

    THE press conference room was fairly packed. Almost all the media representatives were present to cover the first official dig into

  • Window On the Media

    THE battle lines are drawn. Local media players are putting their war plans into action. Yes, it is safe to say we're in for some exciting times

  • Aspects of Shi'ism in Contemporary Southeast Asia

    In history, the Malacca sultanate, as well as its various successor states on the Peninsula, had always been strongholds of the Sunnite Shafi'ite legal "school," combined with a staunchly Ash'arite theological outlook, although Sufism, too, was always well represented.2 However, already more than thirty years ago, the German scholar Werner Ende pointed out in an important article3 that...