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  • Prosecution Witness in Milford Murder Trial Cross-Examined

    By Phyllis Swebilius / @pswebilius on Twitter MILFORD -- Cross-examination questions Friday were rapid fire against prosecution witness Eusebio Melendez-Ventura in the murder trial of Javier Cruz-Falcon.

  • Burkhart v. H.J. Heinz Co., (Ohio 2013)

    Invoices for the sale and delivery of asbestos-containing insulation to decedent’s work site were properly authenticated. Video deposition of decedent in prior asbestos product liability suit was admissible pursuant to Evid.R. 804(B)(1) because defendants in that matter possessed the same motive as appellee to develop testimony through direct and cross examination. Questions of fact precluded...

  • State v. Williams, (Ohio 2003)

    Defense counsel elicited testimony regarding appellant's drug addiction which opened the door to questions on cross-examination by the state. No abuse of discretion by the trial court.

  • State v. Walker, (Ohio 2011)


  • Testimony

    Andrew Thomas' attorney hammered Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley in cross examination today about the finer details of his battles with the former County Attorney. And Stapley, who earlier in his had been self-assured and outraged when questioned by a State Bar attorney, repeatedly told defense attorney Brian Holohan on cross examination he didn't understand his questions.

  • State v. Darkenwald, (Ohio 2004)

    Evid.R. 607, Evid R. 611, Evid R. 613, adverse witness, hostile witness, cross-examination, leading questions, impeachment, written statements, Crim.R. 33, ineffective assistance of counsel, motion for new trial, Ohio Jury Instructions, deadly force, self-defense, new evidence.

  • State v. Webster, (Ohio 2013)

    SEX OFFENSES – EVIDENCE/WITNESS/TRIAL – INDICTMENT/COMPLAINT – SENTENCING: The state presented sufficient evidence to support defendant’s convictions for three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor: the state did not try defendant in an “all or nothing fashion” where it had sufficiently distinguished each charge in its indictment, the bill of particulars, and in its evidence presented...

  • D.C. Sniper Questions Young Partner's Insanity Plea ; Cross-Examination in Second Murder Trial Includes Heated Exchanges

    ROCKVILLE, Md. In an often testy four-hour cross-examination, John Allen Muhammad questioned the mental health and memory of his one-time sniper protg Lee Boyd Malvo and repeatedly referred to him as "son. I would prefer you address me by my name," Malvo shot back at one point, drawing an apology from the defendant.

  • State v. Lowe, (Ohio 2005)

    Cross-examination. There must be a good faith basis for questions put to a witness on cross-examination. Absent an objection that questions the good faith basis for a question, it is presumed that a good faith basis for the question exists. Multiple counts, R.C. 2941.25. Involuntary manslaughter and endangering children are not allied offenses of similar import. In a single prosecution for...

  • Ex-Mayor Finishes Testimony

    Dennis Elwell, the embattled former Secaucus mayor accused of pocketing a $10,000 bribe from a developer, ended three days of testimony at his federal corruption trial in Newark on Thursday insisting he did nothing wrong. The 66-year-old Democrat weathered a barrage of pointed questions from Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Kanefsky during an often-heated cross-examination that focused largely on...

  • Law Digest

    COURT OF APPEALS Civil Procedure, Entitlement to new trial: Goldberg, et al. v. Boone, CA No. 21, September Term, 2006 Although line of cross- examination questions about the D.C. sniper case was improper, its prejudicial effects did not transcend the trial judge's curative measures so as to warrant a new trial. RecordFax 06-1206-20, 42 pages.

  • State v. Tilley, (Ohio 2012)

    Prosecutor committed prosecutorial misconduct by making insinuations on cross-examination that were not supported by the evidence. The prosecutor’s questions were improper and wrongfully impugned the credibility of the defense witness, thereby depriving defendant a fair trial.

  • Judge's Ruling Orders Gates to Testify in Antitrust Suit

    DES MOINES, Iowa -- A district court judge in Iowa has ordered Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer to testify in person at a trial that starts in Iowa later this month. The two executives already were on the witness list to appear at the trial, but the ruling means they'll likely travel to Iowa earlier in the trial to face direct questioning by the plaintiffs' attorney....

  • State v. Deaton, (Ohio 2012)

    Trial court erred when it prevented defendant in Aggravated Menacing trial from asking the complaining witness questions on cross-examination designed to elicit her ability to perceive and remember events accurately. Trial court erred by construing requirement of a “reasonable basis” in Evid. R. 607(B) to extend to questions that do not imply the existence of an impeaching fact. Trial court did...

  • State v. Franklin, (Ohio 2008)

    defendant convicted complicity to commit murder and complicity to commit aggravated robbery; cross-examination of witness established bias against defendant such that questions regarding a prior rape case were unnecessary; manifest weight of the evidence; co-defendants' testimony regarding defendant's role in the aggravated robbery established that defendant aided and abetted them; prosecutor...

  • 40 CFR 78.14 - Evidentiary hearing procedure.

    ...(9) Allow direct and cross-examination of witnesses only to the extent the Presiding Officer ... that no direct or cross-examination shall be allowed on questions of law or policy or regarding matters that are not subject to ...

  • Legal Ethics of 'Coaching' Witnesses: How Far Can You Go?

    BOSTON - It is clear that Daniel Petrocelli, the highly skilled lawyer for Jeffrey Skilling, one of the Enron defendants, thoroughly prepared his client before he took the stand to testify in his own defense. Undoubtedly, he showed Skilling copies of documents, investigative reports, prior statements, and other witnesses' statements and testimony, and advised him about choice of language he might ...

  • Landis' Testimony Centers On Fired Manager

    MALIBU, Calif. -- Floyd Landis wriggled through an uncomfortable cross-examination Tuesday, carefully answering questions about the color of his tie and the timing of the firing of the manager who threatened to reveal Greg LeMond's childhood sex abuse if he testified. It was yet another salacious morning in the Tour de France champion's arbitration hearing, which has veered wildly between boring, ...

  • State v. Simmons, (Ohio 2011)

    Defendant’s conviction for patient abuse is supported by sufficient evidence and is not against the manifest weight of the evidence; a surveillance videotape depicting Defendant’s assault on a patient was not inadmissible for lack of authentication, because the parties stipulated to its authenticity; ineffective assistance of counsel is not demonstrated; other act evidence was not introduced,...

  • Condit Testifies in Levy Murder Trial -- Ex-Lawmaker Says He Wasn't Involved

    WASHINGTON - Former Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., told jurors Monday that he didn't murder Chandra Levy and insisted he cooperated fully with police when they investigated the Washington intern's disappearance nearly a decade ago. But he continued to evade questions on cross-examination about whether he had an intimate relationship with Levy, saying "we're all entitled to some level of privacy.

  • Kansas v. Cheever, 571 U.S. (2013)

    ..., arguing that since Cheever had notagreed to the examination, introduction of the testimony would violate the Fifth Amendment ... Amendment does not allow him torefuse to answer related questions on cross-examination. See Fitzpatrick v. United States, 178 U. ...

  • Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts, 557 U. S. (2009)

    ... is unavailable, the defendant had a prior opportunity for cross-examination. 541 U. S., at 54. The certificates here are ... volunteered testimony or answers to open-ended questions than they were to exempt answers to detailed interrogation. ...

  • Malvo to D.C.-Area Sniper Muhammad: 'You Made Me a Monster'

    ROCKVILLE, Md. -- John Allen Muhammad questioned his former sniper protege Lee Boyd Malvo aggressively about his mental health during cross-examination Wednesday. Muhammad's questions came a day after Malvo's testimony provided an insider's account of the October 2002 sniper shootings that left 10 people dead.

  • Failure to Object During Cross Examination Not Same As Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

    Did defense counsel's failure to object to certain questions the prosecutor asked during cross examination of an alibi witness constitute ineffective assistance of counsel? In People v. Davon Taylor, the defendant asserts that he received ineffective assistance of trial counsel in violation of the state and federal constitutions. The defendant was convicted of Intentional Murder in the Second...

  • State v. Robinson, (Ohio 2005)

    rape, notice of prior conviction specification, repeat violent offender specification, kidnapping, sexual motivation specification, sexually violent predator specification, gross sexual imposition, compelling prostitution, bifurcation, semen, Crim.R. 29 motion for acquittal, rape with force, victim less than thirteen years old, sexual predator, prosecutorial misconduct, App.R. 12, R.C. 2907.02,...