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  • This article focuses on the impact of planting greater amounts of genetically modified corn for ethanol production, and its potentially serious, and environmentally dangerous, long-term consequences on crop diversity. First, the state of corn and crop diversity will be addressed, with particular heed to the potential negative consequences of increased genetically modified corn cultivation. Second, government subsidies, intended to promote ethanol production, which steer farmers towards planting more corn, and their effects on genetically modified corn production will be discussed. Lastly, the ramifications of cellulosic ethanol technology and release of land set aside for conservation and overproduction prevention by the Conservation Reserve Program will be examined with particular focu...

    ... particular focus on crop diversity maintenance. II. CORN AND CROP DIVERSITY. A. Potential ...

  • Farmers across northeast Ohio have started harvesting soybeans and corn in what for many is among the most expensive growing seasons in history. Seed prices, fertilizer, field spray, fuel, rent for land, crop insurance, equipment maintenance -- you name it -- are among the most costly inputs farmers have ever paid for one year's crops.

  • A $125,000 project to replace moldy carpet in more than a dozen Doolittle Elementary School classrooms has raised the possibility that the Board of Education might have to seek a special appropriation from the town if any major maintenance emergencies crop up through the remainder of the fiscal year June 30. District officials had asked for money to be included in the current fiscal year of the town's five-year capital spending plan, which is currently being considered by the Town Council, said Paul Calaluce Jr., assistant superintendent for administrative services.

  • ...CHAPTER IV: FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE CORPORATION, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. ... does not permit separate agronomic maintenance or harvest of the insured crop. Irrigated ...

  • Solve neglect of public spaces You cannot help but notice the lack of maintenance (especially landscaping) on our roadways, parks and public facilities. The center median weed strips on our roadways are getting ready to seed next year's crop of weeds.

  • In only five years and counting the days, John Jones will retire from a life-long career of farming. His combine, the largest and most expensive piece of equipment he owns, has reached the point of high maintenance costs or replacement. John and his wife are contemplating four options: 1) keep the current combine, 2) rent a combine when needed, 3) hire a custom cutter to harvest the crops, or 4) buy a new combine. Each option includes several factors to consider. Comparisons must be made between old and new equipment repair and maintenance costs, tax benefits of depreciation, resale values, and crop quantity and quality yields. Renting or hiring custom work will require consideration of associated costs and timeliness of availability. The cost effectiveness and efficiency of the four op...

  • Business Editors/Technology Writers BOISE, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 2000 Insightek, Inc., an Idaho-based technology company, has been awar...

  • When the Yankees sprung a leak in their starting rotation, they were fortunate this time. One of their best pitching prospects was ready, waiting and able to fill a void. Chien-Ming Wang's call-up from Class AAA Columbus led to a far wider question: Who else is down below? And how soon might they come up? Where the Yankees once produced a bumper crop of prospects, their minor league system has been ravaged by trades, low draft picks and a high-maintenance owner.

  • ... into production contracts for novel biomass crops. Trialibility, information sharing, and education ... moral hazard during establishment and maintenance. Although developing the fieldmen model may take ...

  • A new group of girls is more determined than ever in the third season of "America's Next Top Model" (8 p.m. Wednesday, UPN). Executive producers Tyra Banks and Ken Mok have described this year's crop as high maintenance and highly competitive. We know it's only a matter of time before they claw one another's eyes out. Expect the model-wannabes to "master complicated catwalks," shoot creative nude scenes, humiliate one another, and exercise their publicity skills. Oh, wait, haven't we already seen that for two seasons?

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