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  • Several Memorial Health System physicians penned a letter to the hospital's board of trustees in December expressing their dissatisfaction and lack of confidence in the hospital's administration. The doctors - who didn't sign the letter - said that they represented 14 medical specialties and held different responsibilities within the system. The 22 doctors who signed the letter are just a fraction of the 850 physicians who work at Memorial.

  • Hallsville mayoral candidate Cheri Reisch has filed a complaint with the Missouri Ethics Commission, alleging that a letter from the city to its utility customers last week was an improper use of public funds because the letter "disparaged" Reisch for statements about possible sewer rate increases. Document

  • By Abbe Smith Register Staff NEW HAVEN -- Labor leaders claim a letter sent to city workers in the wake of last month's layoffs was meant to intimidate union members and deny their bargaining rights.

  • I got a question earlier this week which involved the intersection of housing and employment discrimination.  While many of the concepts contained in ...

  • NEW HAVEN -- Common Cause Wednesday filed a complaint with the state Elections Enforcement Commission charging that a letter extolling an elected official and distributed in a public television publication appears to be an illegal campaign advertisement. A letter signed by Jerry Franklin, president and CEO of Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc., hails Branford Republican state Sen. William A. Aniskovich's record and states "as a result of his work, this guide will be distributed free of charge at all state agencies. Andy Sauer, executive director of Connecticut Common Cause, asked the commission to determine if Aniskovich coordinated inclusion of the letter, as well as the magazine's distribution to the state Department of Social Services.

  • Complaint established on its face that the one year statute of limitations for defamation actions was applicable; Reply brief is not the place for raising such an argument for the first time; Statute of limitations is not tolled under R.C. 2305.16 due to imprisonment; Savings statute; Action not attempted to be commenced by sending complaint letter or filing federal action.

  • Receiving a letter from the Department of Insurance concerning a customer's complaint is truly an unsettling experience for many agents. These concerns are generally unwarranted if the agent takes the time to thoroughly investigate the customer's complaint and provide a concise response with the appropriate documentation to the department. The complaint letter generally will request that the agent's response letter include a direct response to the consumer's specific complaints; a narrative description of the insurance transaction; enclosures of specific documents; and an accounting of premium and fees. The agent's first step is to thoroughly review the complaint letter and the customer's file. An agent should never include any irrelevant information in the response -- it may be used ag...

  • hurting those already on the edge RE "THE WRONG COMPLAINT" (letter, Dec. 10): The letter-writer says that he is from New York and that it's comical that people from this area are complaining about the tolls. He calls them "whiners.

  • By Becky Orr

  • The St. Louis County Police Department violated the state's Sunshine Law by refusing to release a copy of an anonymous letter alleging racial profiling by a former lieutenant, the American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri says in complaint. The letter's author, Sgt. Dan O'Neil, has since come forward and claimed he has suffered retaliation for his actions.

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