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  • Don't directly connect your generator to your home's wiring. Power from a generator connected to a home's wiring will "back feed" into utility lines, potentially severely injuring or killing a neighbor or utility crew working to restore power. Restoration Priorities: If a storm strikes, FPL will provide updated restoration time estimates and other progress reports on its website: (FPL. com/storm), Twitter (, Facebook ( FPLconnect), YouTube (, FPL's blog ( and FPL's Power Tracker (FPL. com/powertracker).

  • Whether you like your berries hot in a scone, cool in a cheesecake or icy in a granita, we'll get you out of your jam. And if you're in search of something a little more potent, we've got that, too. Don't use booze? Go for a swig of strawberry lemonade. Paul Reynolds, 33, of Montpelier is making a sizable claim. The violist, who teaches at Middlebury College and plays with groups such as the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and the Vermont Mozart Festival, thinks he's found the world's biggest strawberry: He's so sure he even posted a challenge on YouTube ( com/watch?v=sqSdXY437to), asking people to reply with their own videos and "try to become the strawberry king." How big, exactly? Reynolds' berry came in at 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. Before you assume this was a genetica...

  •,; YouTube; and There's Nothing like Australia app for the ...

  • It doesn't matter, if you want to take your winter sports to a new level this winter, millions of people are waiting at their computer monitors to see you pimped out like Spiderman riding two surfboards down the greens and blues of Bogus. It's Idaho's "Helmet Cam Meets YouTube" winter. It's really boring to watch helmet cam footage if you just strap it on your head and just go ski," Lancour said. "If you go out and become the cameraman and you follow someone through the trees on a powder day and you show that footage to someone, they get excited about it. One day this month, there were 678 videos tagged with the words "helmet" and "cam" on YouTube. com, the video-sharing Web site that Google just bought for a bit more than a season pass at Sun Valley. Many of the short clips show the ...

  • YouTuber of the week: youtube. com/watch?v=55YYaJIrmzo In one of the most-viewed YouTube videos of the week, artist Ahree Lee is shown in a series of snapshots taken daily for three years.

  • A couple of decades ago you had to search out small ethnic restaurants or festivals to watch belly dancing. Today, rolling hips and undulating stomachs are hardly foreign. Call up YouTube .com on your computer and check out Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" video. The song hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts in June and spent the remainder of the summer basking in the glow of the top 10. In it, the Colombian crossover star sings her pop song while lifting her hips, shaking her rear and using her shoulders in dance moves. The music, lyrics and costuming is largely Latin, but the dance moves are anything but.

  • [Chris Burney] is what is known in the looner community as a "popper" - someone who gets off on balloons popping. In footage shot for the Learning Channel's show "Strange Sex," he appears excited, breathless and a bit nervous as he blows up an enormous orange balloon. "That was awesome," he says, giddy and shaking, after the balloon pops. The word 'fetish' resonates with 'dysfunctional,' 'illegal,' 'bad,'" says [Gale H. Golden], "but it isn't necessarily any of those things. Next, Burney started speaking publicly about his fetish. That included doing an extended interview on an episode of "Strange Sex" and starting a YouTube channel. He now has more than 80 clips on YouTube, and runs a Facebook group called "Looner Mayhem" with more than 900 followers. Burney also participates in the ...

  • Latest device in the industry leading dictation microphone line continues to be recognized for superior recording quality and speech recognition integration Speech Processing Solutions

    ...YouTube: ...

  • Huang Nubo, a former official in the Chinese Communist Party's Propaganda Department who is a property devel- oper in Beijing, intends building a golf resort in a remote village in northeastern Iceland. He believes the luxury hotel and "eco golf course" at Grimsstadir would attract wealthy Chinese seeking clean air and solitude. Foreign Minister Ossur Skarphedinsson said he saw no reason to block the venture, which is expected to cost more than $ 100 mil- lion, but added that he's puzzled why Huang would want to build a high-end resort in a place so isolated that"you can almost hear ghosts dancing in the snow." Xu Hong, a vice president at Huang's company, said Grimsstadir was chosen because "there is a market demand in China"for peace and quiet. (TheNew York Times) Where Rep. Ted Poe (...

    ... himself as "Milo Danger" posted a YouTube video of a drone with mounted paintball pistols ...

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