cognizable cause of action

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More than 10.000 documents for cognizable cause of action
  • INSURANCE - UM/UIM; summary judgment; stipulation; S.B. 20; Sexton; Moore; limitation; no bodily injury; H.B. 261; Hedges; no cognizable cause of action.

  • The Utah Supreme Court has given a Riverton couple the go-ahead to sue a private organization that places abused children with foster parents, after the parents took in a foster child who turned out to have a history of sexually abusing at least 18 other children. In a unanimous ruling released Friday, the high court overturned a 3rd District decision by finding that Utah law should not bar the couple from bringing their suit against the Utah Youth Village, recognizing that a negligent placement is a "cognizable" cause of action under the law.

  • Medical malpractice - Statute of limitations - Cause of action accrues, when - "Cognizable event" analysis applied.

  • ..., arguing that Lance failed to assert a cognizable cause of action. On appeal, the intermediate ...

  • MALPRACTICE – Civ.R. 56(C); summary judgment; standard of review; statute of limitations for legal malpractice; R.C. 2305.11(A) provides that a claim for legal malpractice must be brought within one year after the cause of action accrues; cause of action for legal malpractice accrues when there is a cognizable event whereby the client discovers or should have discovered his injury related to attorney's representation or when the attorney-client relationship terminates, whichever is later; attorney-client relationship can terminate upon the affirmative act of either party; elements of cause of action for legal malpractice; failure by plaintiff in legal malpractice action to supply expert testimony regarding alleged negligence may render summary judgment for defendant appropriate.

  • ... any harm that the injunction might cause to the defendant; and (4) that the injunction ... RLUIPA expressly provides a cause of action for violations of its requirements: “A person ... to exclude a damages remedy” from a cognizable cause of action. Sossamon, 131 S. Ct. at 1660 ...

  • ... by respondent school district, filed an action for damages in Federal District Court under Title ... to award any appropriate relief in a cognizable cause of action brought pursuant to a federal ...

  • MALPRACTICE - legal, client must file such claim within one year after the cause of action accrued; cause of action accrues and statute of limitations begins to run on the latter of a cognizable event or the termination of the attorney-client relationship; termination of relationship depends on affirmative act of either party that signals end of relationship; communication can be written or oral; date of termination is not dependent on date attorney files motion to withdraw; cognizable event alerts or should alert client that her attorney had performed improper legal work; act of drafting a termination letter is a cognizable event.

  • ... Michael Benov as the respondent in this action. 6395. ... and its regulations generate interests cognizable as liberty interests under the Due Process ... means for judicial review of any cause or claim under the United Nations Convention ...

  • ... presented a justiciable constitutional cause of action upon which appellants are entitled to a ... Second: That, although the matter is cognizable and facts are alleged which establish ...

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