Andrea Phillips

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5.407 documents for Andrea Phillips
  • Derek W. Gray (Argued), Steel, Rudnick & Ruben, Philadelphia, PA, for Petitioner. Before RENDELL, FISHER and GREENBERG, Circuit Judges. FISHER, Circu...

  • [Tom Hanks] is Richard Phillips, a Vermont-based captain of a container ship. He's in charge on the Maersk Alabama, and even before the voyage, in a brief scene with his wife, Andrea (Catherine Keener), it's clear Phillips and Andrea are at the end of their wits regarding their extreme schedules. But life is life, and there are kids to get through school and bills, and Andrea drops Phillips offat the airport so he can travel to meet his ship. [Paul Greengrass], along with Hanks and Abdi, does well keeping the drama going, even when Phillips is captured and much of the remaining running time takes place in a lifeboat. Occasionally, there's a diversion to a Navy destroyer and a team of SEALS as they deal with the escalating stakes-if the pirates get Phillips all the way to Somalia, he's p...

  • That might have made it harder for [Tom Hanks]. At the New York Film Festival premiere last Friday, which Phillips and his family attended, the actor talked about the burden of playing a true-life character. "You have to load up on an awful lot of facts. You have to read a lot," the Los Angeles Times quoted Hanks as saying. In the event you get to meet that person face-to-face, "You don't want to be the idiot. What was it like? What did you/ee/?' You don't want to ask questions like most journalists do. The pirates weren't after the Alabama's cargo - five tons of which was food aid for the region. "The modus operandi was: Take control of the ship, hijack the ship, control the people and then ransom the people," Phillips explained within view of pirate-free Lake Champlain. "They didn't ...

    ... also devotes a lot of ink to his wife, Andrea, played in the movie by Catherine Keener, who had ...

  • Among the children present were Winsome Phillips, Donville Phillips, Turner Wolfe, Leonie Gayle, Carol Phillips, Paul Phillips and Shirley Phillips. The grandchildren include Daniellle Gayle, Ashley Gayle, Kadeane Martin-Browne, Thalia Wolfe, Andrea Phillips, Jason Turner, and Courtney Rodgers.

  • Today's Obituaries Carpenter, Isaac Jr. Coleman, Penelope A. Crist, Mary E. Evans, Drema D. Garrett, Nelson E. Gillenwater, Lana L. Gould, George H. Grishaber, Robert L. Sr. Hilliard, Lynn O. Hitt, Rosemarie N. Hix, James B. Jarrell, Rudolph R. Koch, Laura V. Lee, Clyde J. Lilly, Joyce C. McClanahan, Peggy A. McWhorter, William M. Meadows, Mary Means, Andrea K. Norvell, Michael Peyatt, Susan M. Phillips, Elizabeth B. Potter, Francis D. Reese, Charles T. Roberts, Hilda M. Saddler, Paul R. Scarberry, Lillian I. Sebok, Deborah E. Showen, Mildred E. Smith, Gary W. Thewes, Franklin J. Walker, Hubert W. White, Wanda C. Wilcox, Ruth M. Young, Alfred M. Isaac Carpenter Jr.

  • Evansville, Ind. , born October 4, 2013, the son of Gabrielle Vailes and Dillon Williams, passed away on Monday, October 14, 2013, at St. Mary's Medical Center. Kingston is survived by his parents; grandparents, Tameka and David, Roger Vailes, Thomas Grimm and Angela Inkenhaus; great- grandparents, Jim and Melody Phillips, Mike and Lisa Burris, Teena Morell and Scott Wilson; great-great-grandma, Naomi Byrley; godfather, Justin Burris; godmother, Andrea Phillips; aunt and uncle, Alyssa and Mason; great-aunts, Brandi Phillips and Andrea Phillips; and many cousins.

  • Phillips, Andrea "Andy" Formerly of Cudahy, age 52 years. Beloved daughter of the late Kay and John Phillips. Baby sister of Mark and Michael (Jacquel...

  • , 86, of Lancaster, passed away peacefully on July 7, 2012 surrounded by his loving family at the York Hospital. Born in the Village of Pyli, Island of Kos, Greece, he was the son of the late Domnitsa Papademetriou) and Nicholas A. Karpouzis. Capt. Gus happily resided with his godchildren, Dr. Spencer and Andrea Phillips and their children for the past 14 years.

  • When Andrea Phillips, Western Branch Primary's assistant librarian, visited Home Depot, she was hoping for a few donated flowers to plant at the school. What she got was flowers to plant now and bulbs to plant later, garlic and potatoes for the children to watch grow, loads of topsoil, and five palettes of mulch. Home Depot manager Shawn Moore not only donated all that, but also provided helpers. Employees wearing orange T-shirts saying "Team Depot" showed up at the school May 2 to work on their day off. Employees Mike Goff and Maha Saoudi, who both live in Churchland, were in the flower beds on hands and knees, laughing and joking as they pulled weeds. They told me they liked doing things to help out in the community.Team captain Peggy Graves said volunteers from other stores in Chesap...

  • Early in the modem piracy drama CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, the title character drives to his local Vermont airport where he'll pick up a flight for Oman and a freighter bound for a trip around the treacherous Horn of Africa. Richard Phillips ([Tom Hanks]) tells Andrea (Catherine Keener), his wife, about how the world is changing, how it's "\different" from the one they're used to. »dien four Somali pirates hijack Phillips' boat, the Maersk Alabama, the interlopers deny political motives. "We not al-Qaida," declares Muse (newcomer Barkhad Abdi), the rail-thin leader of the Somali band, on two separate occasions. "This just business," he continues with a tone meant to convey only qualified reassurance. The pirates cheer »dien they discover the hijacked vessel is U.S.-flagged, but for financial rat...

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