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  • The president-elect has achieved great things beyond [Louis Farrakhan]'s wildest dreams, but throughout the election, he hadn't heard enough about God from [Barack Obama]. During his many speeches on the campaign trail, and after the election, the only time it seemed Farrakhan heard God's name mentioned was at the end, he said. Obama had to be wise in the way he moved. Don't look to Obama to be the Black candidate. He's the American candidate. If he was like Rev. (Jesse) Jackson or Rev. (Al) Sharpton, he never would have garnered all the support. Look at his lineage and cultural upbringing. If he had to walk the thin line to attract white votes to get where he is, then give him that. He's a very special, young man. I respect him," he said. "This young man has revolutionized the way we ...

  • He's one of the Kanawha Valley's most celebrated and beloved athletes, a star on the undefeated 1968 Charleston High state championship team who went on to excel at WVU. Curtis Price continued his success story at West Virginia State as a 21-year-old head basketball coach, probably the youngest in the country.

  • In fantasy football, we always look for new options to improve our team, and this week there are some players at receiver and tight end that are flying under the radar. Most fantasy football experts are advising not to start San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree, Oakland receiver Chaz Schilens and tight ends Zach Miller of Oakland and Anthony Fasano of Miami. The reasoning? Crabtree is making his NFL debut this weekend, Schilens and Miller play on arguably the poorest offense in the NFL, and Fasano is facing the tough New Orleans defense.

  • It's been virtually impossible not to notice the surge in Holocaust movies that have come rampaging at us recently, even in addition to the requisite battery of Oscar-aimed documentaries. We've all been head-thumped by the publicity for Defiance, The Reader and Valkyrie, while moviegoers in urban areas also could choose from The Counterfeiters, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Good and Adam Resurrected for their glum genocidal-drama fix. The important history entails people dying, mountains of them, enough to populate a modern city. In its proper context, the remarkable and true tale of Oskar Schindler is a detour, an aberration. And yet the film ends with an endless stream of real survivors walking by the camera, placing stones on Schindlern tomb. Sure, a title card mentions something a...

  • Benedict Spinoza, a Dutch philosopher who died in 1677, said, "If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past. In other words, learn from your mistakes.

  • Name: Mike "Keno" Snyder Age: 51

  • I dream of a year when the weather will be perfect for plants throughout the growing season. A gentle 1-inch rain will fall once a week, every week. It will come without fail in the early morning hours, so the morning sun can quickly dry the foliage and thus spare the plants from fungus diseases.

  • [...]we are always look-ing for any information, tool or program that will help us make roadways safer for travelers. [...]of that information, we were able to convince county government to erect two additional stop signs, turning a two-way stop into a four-way stop. Since those signs were erected the crashes, have practically come to a halt.

  • Editor's note: Reprinted from earlier editions of the New Haven Register. McDonald's are everywhere. Small or large, urban or rural, they look basically the same. Behind every one is a dumpster. Nine times out of 10, gulls are scavenging there. Like all McDonald's, all gulls look the same except for tiny details: coloring, "language," size and food preferences.

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