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  • Alice Rosalie Adams Alice Rosalie Adams, 84, passed away Wednesday, September 30, 2009, while a resident of South Port Square, Port Charlotte, Fla.

  • Today's Obituaries aBarnette, Pauline S. Bays, Alice J. Bess, Elmer H. Buckley, Ruth P. Cantrell, Brenda S. Casto, Iona Chapman, Mrs. Pearl Goodnite, Muriel Holt, William M. Jr. Hughes, Bernice L. Lester, Delores L. McKee, Anne C. Phillips, Beatrice F. Rhodes, Ellen E. Riley, Ruth F. Russell, Fred A. Salmons, Freeda M. Skinner, William R. Turner, Cynthia M. Wayman, Alta Pauline Sayre Barnette

  • Today's Obituaries Bailey, Barry Brown, John M. Casto, Alice E. Connolly, Peggy A. Darby, Ruth B. Hall, Lewis D. Henry, David L. Holbert, Martha A. Javins, William D. Jones, Helen I. Jones, Richard L. Keenan, Darrell Lewis, Mary K. Mathes, Martha J. Murphy, Beatrice R. Riley, James E. Shamblin, Daniel D. Sharp, Jean D. Spits, Patricia C. Vogelbach, Carolyn Wandling, Betty L. White, James B. Williams, Woodford W. Wood, Betty A. Barry Bailey

  • Today's Obituaries Adams, Alice Adkins, Bernard Jr. Baire, Russell Boone, Janice M. Boster, Darvin M. Carte, Wirt D. Cole, David F. Coleman, Virginia L. Deal, Patricia M. Estep, Toney C. Goins, Romalee C. Goodson, Hazel Goodwin, Martha I. Harris, Cornelius D. Igo, Gary Luoni, Frank H. Miller, Emogene Moore, Dr. Jeanne Navarro, Joseph M. Nunn, Lorane E. Peros, Pauline G. Phelix, Billy L. Redden, Arthena M. Rhim, Carol A. Richards, Nancy E. Saunders, Margaret V. Scurlock, Judy E. Spencer, Rita Spurlock, Dorothy Underwood, Barbara L. Wallace, Ada G. White, Pauline S. Wolfe, Glenn Workman, William R. Alice Adams

  • LONDON - Alice Herz-Sommer, believed to be the oldest Holocaust survivor, died at age 110 on Sunday, a family member said. The accomplished pianist's death came just a week before her extraordinary story of surviving two years in a Nazi prison camp through devotion to music and her son is up for an Oscar. Herz-Sommer died in a hospital after being admitted Friday with health problems, daughter-in-law Genevieve Sommer said.

  • Alice Persons tied a pretty purple bow around the book of poetry and dropped it in the mail. She assumed the chapbook would end up among a stack of others that Garrison Keillor receives and never reads. Lo and behold, not only did Keillor pay attention to the book, he read one of the poems as part of his syndicated radio and online program, "The Writers Almanac.

  • Today's Obituaries Bass, Joyce A. Bishop, Alice D. Duffy, Catharine L. Friend, Robert M. Harris, Paul F. Sr. Jarrett, Clarence D. Keffer, Joyce D. Miller, Anna L. Mullins, David G. Raines, Reese Robinson, Leota M. Thomas, Arnold L. Turley, Beulah M. Workman, Carl E. Joyce Ann Bass

  • Alice and Jackie Scott were resting their feet on a bench feet that were obscured by half a dozen shopping bags from Aeropostale and Victorias Secret packed with knits in bright colors and metallic shades. Theyd been at the Charleston Town Center Mall for hours, buying Christmas gifts for their three daughters. They were tired, a little cranky and very eager to be finished. And we have to buy TVs next, Alice said. Two days before Christmas, Charlestons shopping centers were teeming with last-minute shoppers rushing to finish the job some cheerfully, others less so. Alice and Jackie arent last- minute shoppers by nature; theyre rarely at the mall two days before Christmas. But their home, in Lovely, Ky., caught fire in June and they just finished rebuilding last week a project that to...

  • ALICE in Wonderland" was written by a professor who also wrote a book on symbolic logic. So it is not surprising that Alice encountered not only strange behavior in Wonderland, but also strange and illogical reasoning - of a sort too often found in the real world, and which a logician would be very much aware of.

  • Today's Obituaries Adkins, Robert A. Brackenrich, Edna Burton, Lois D. Carter, Bernard A. Coleman, Alice K. Cooper, Fleeta Crouse, Billy C. Cummings, John F. Jr. Daughenbaugh, Connie F. Dye, Raymond E. Henderson, Mrs. Margaret E. Hill, Patricia G. Jackson, Martha Jenkins, Bernard Johnson, Valerie T. Johnson, Willard B. Johnson, Willard B. Kittner, Charles G. Morris, Charlotte J. Mullins, Bonnie S. Nelson, Quinton Newman, Robert E. Rogers, Raleigh S. Sharp, Dr. Roland P. Sr. Siemiaczko, Katharine R. Sinnett, Eloise E. Skeens, Everett I. Swiney, Olive Tuttle, Jackie A. White, Diana L. Robert A. "Bobby" Adkins

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