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  • Case: 10-15140 Date Filed: 12/20/2012 Page: 1 of 31 ...

  • To celebrate the opening of the New York State Fair, this week's burger is the State Fair Burger, topped with ground sausage, peppers, onions, and provolone. Sounds like a keeper to me. [Randy]'s favorite is the Shepard's Pie Burger, an open-faced affair topped with mashed potatoes, corn, peas, carrots and smothered with brown gravy. Also look for the Texas Beltbuckle which includes onion rings, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce. The Syracuse New Times' own JeffKramer prefers the Sticky Burger I am told. It's topped with provolone cheese, bacon and peanut butter. Don't hesitate, because when the peanut butter hits the hot bacon, it melts and turns into something different and even more wonderful. This comes from a veteran of many a bacon and peanut butter sandwich in her youth. They als...

  • Thompson provides the route going to in Washington. Among other things, he presents some of Washington's best wineries and breweries.

  • Located smack dab in the middle of Center City Philadelphia, at 1310 Drury St., (215-735-5562) McGillin's Olde Ale House has been catering to residents and visitors for 152 years.

  • Here is why you should go to Miller's Ale House: if you're looking to watch a game in a comfortable, boisterous atmosphere and have your pick of inexpensive beer specials. Or, if you want a slice of fudgy ice cream cake.

  • Everyone can probably envision what royal life might be like. Opulent foods, attentive service and someone to wash dishes come to mind. What would you drink if you ruled the world? I would suggest an innovative new style of beer, Imperial India Pale Ale. The history of this brew began in 1698 when Russia's Peter the Great developed an affinity for stout while visiting Britain. An effort to ship stout back to the Russian royal court resulted in unpalatable, spoiled beer. When Catherine the Great came to power she demanded that English brewers find a way to deliver drinkable stout to her. London's Barclay Brewing determined that by ratcheting up the levels of alcohol and hops, both of which are preservatives, the stout would survive the punishing journey across the Baltic Sea a...

  • Bar Tab: Amherst Pizza and Ale House is a sports bar worth celebrating The 2013-14 Sabres might not be quite as dull and lifeless under Ted Nolan as they were under Ron Rolston, but watching the games on TV is still a frustrating experience, like playing Jenga or visiting the DMV.

  • Alchemy, the forerunner of chemistry, was a process by which medieval practitioners tried to turn base metals into gold. Chef Patrick MacFarlane's goal at Alchemy N' Ale Gastropub in Lawrenceville is the culinary equivalent: to "take a simple product and elevate it to something completely different. We're taking classic dishes from pubs and refining and 'upscaling' them," says MacFarlane, 35, of O'Hara.

  • At last, the long winter is a memory. Tree leaves are popping out, birds are singing, long-sleeved shirts are tucked away in the bottom of my dresser drawers, and a new batch of beer is bubbling away in a fermentation bucket. The signs of the approaching summer have me thinking ahead to days of sitting in the backyard with friends and family a plate of grilled goodies in one hand and a cold beer in the other. In order to celebrate summer appropriately, one needs to have the right kind of brew something light, crisp and refreshing. I thought a citrusy summer ale would fit the bill nicely.

  • With a 105-year history of pop innovation, Faygo fans have come to expect new flavors that are bold and unique," said Al Chittaro, executive vice president of Faygo Beverages, Inc. "Consumers are already voicing rave reviews for Faygo Gold, a rich, zippy, ginger ale. Our partnership with another celebrated Michigan brand, Tapper's Jewelry, is a great way to celebrate the launch of Gold with our loyal fans. In order to be eligible for the "Pot of Gold," Faygo fans are asked to take a photo of "what" or "who" is most valuable to them and upload the photo to Instagram with the hashtag, #FaygoGold. The contest started March 15, 2013 and runs to March 29, 2013. The winners will be announced on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The first place winner's "Pot of Gold" will include a solid gold...

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