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  • Exotic, Classic Cars Feed Egos, Dreams and Worthy Causes

    Even as President Obama prepares to pull troops from Afghanistan, the family of Westwood's Marine Sgt. Christopher R. Hrbek, who died in the war-torn nation, are hoping to continue honoring his memory by helping others who show a commitment to public service. Scores of high-end, exotic car owners showed off their wheels Sunday at a car show organized by Hrbek's family to raise funds for a...

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    Dover-Foxcroft District Court Cases June 22 to July 21

  • Workout Fund-Raiser Set Up to Help Girl with Rare Disorder

    WESTWOOD -- Three-year-old Julia Marason suffers from a constant stream of seizures and will have half her brain removed next week to stop them. But in the eight months since the girl from Oradell was diagnosed with Rasmussen encephalitis -- a rare disorder that is causing her immune system to attack the left half of her brain -- she has been in and out of hospitals in Colorado, New Jersey and...

  • Knox Grand Jury Indicts Suspect in Machete Case

    ROCKLAND - A man accused of holding up a Rite Aid with a machete and a convicted murderer who is charged with possessing a homemade knife in prison were indicted by the Knox County grand jury Thursday afternoon. Joshua Powell, 23, of Rockland was indicted on charges of robbery, stealing drugs and criminal threatening. The charges stem from a Sept. 30 event during which police say the man went...

  • Special Girl Fights Rare Ailment

    The parking lot at CrossFit Ignite in Westwood on Saturday was bustling with people doing squats, sit-ups and push-ups -- some sporting angel wings and tutus over workout clothes. But 3-year-old Julia Marason seemed far more interested in the water that her grandfather occasionally spritzed on her face to make her smile and her Nana's homemade chocolate chip cookies. When you see the outpouring,...

  • United States of America, Appellee, v. Michael Coiro, Defendant-Appellant., 922 F.2d 1008 (2nd Cir. 1991)

    ...The specific events leading to Coiro's obstructive conduct began on May 6, 1982, when the Federal Aviation Administration notified Alfred Dellentash of the crash of the private jet carrying Salvatore Ruggiero. Dellentash was a drug smuggling partner of Salvatore and co-owner of the jet. Dellentash and Wayne Debany, another former drug smuggling ...

  • Police Thwart Rockland Burglary Plot

    ROCKLAND - With the help of an alert resident, police last week foiled two men's plan to burgle area businesses, according to court documents. The two men were apprehended with a list identifying a variety of businesses that they wanted to strike based on how busy they thought they were, according to an affidavit written by Rockland police Officer Matthew Lindahl.

  • A Town Says Farewell ; Marine Was 'One of a Kind'

    WESTWOOD -- Chris Hrbek simply did not know how to slow down. His stepbrothers good-naturedly called him a "pain." His sisters remembered a kid whose liveliness was without limit. And his best friend told stories about how Hrbek would get himself in trouble with one crazy idea after another.